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Penyingkiran Dato Zakaria umpama ‘kerja gila’.

Saham FGV dipukul badai sekali lagi apabila para pelabur bertindak menjual saham tersebut berhubung kait desas desus berkenaan penyingkiran Dato Zakaria sebagai Ketua Pegawai...


Ringgit set to soar in 2018

For the first time, the Rembau Times is predicting that the Malaysian Ringgit is set to soar in 2018. This is largely due to on...

It all comes down to Massie

Thursday’s upcoming House vote on the Senate Budget Resolution could be immortalised in political and economic history if MIT trained US Congressmen, Thomas Massie holds...

Mahathir Mohammad may once again occupy the seat of power

If the elections were held today, there is every indication that the Barisan Nasional Government will be ousted and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad may...


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Explaining Goldman Sachs to the good people of Rembau

Goldman Sachs, the world’s most prestigious investment bank, is still an enigma to the good people of Rembau. In this article, we will attempt...

Penunjuk Amaran Awalan Ekonomi Malaysia yang hampir mula menyala

Persepsi terbaru  membentuk pandangan bahawa nilai matawang negara akan bertambah kukuh ekoran langkah Bank Negara Malaysia pada penghujung tahun 2016 meminta bank-bank asing membuat komitmen...

Announcing a specification for PHP

The model is talking about booking her latest gig, modeling WordPress underwear in the brand latest Perfectly Fit campaign, which was shot by Lachian...


Learning Japanese from the Americans

The "shale-oil" revolution has shaken the world of energy to its core. Before this, the Petroleum Industry was dominated by National Oil companies like Saudi...

It all comes down to Massie