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Penunjuk Amaran Awalan Ekonomi Malaysia yang hampir mula menyala

Persepsi terbaru  membentuk pandangan bahawa nilai matawang negara akan bertambah kukuh ekoran langkah Bank Negara Malaysia pada penghujung tahun 2016 meminta bank-bank asing membuat komitmen...


It is now more expensive to buy natural gas in Malaysia, the worlds 3rd largest exporter of LNG than it is to buy gas in Japan !

In KJ we trust????


Strategic importance of Cameron Highlands

The fall of the BN empire in 2018 to the hands of the invading Pakatan Harapan forces is historically similar to the surrender of...

Robin Jib – Bamboo River or Putrajaya?

If a General Election is called tomorrow, we can confidently predict that BN would either win the Government out right or form a coalition...

UMNO to win in Cameron Highlands

On this day in history, Jan 12 ,2019 the Rembau Times predicts that UMNO will defend Cameron Highlands. The reasons are the following Number 1 :...


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The Fall of Putrajaya

6 days after the earth shattering 14th General Elections, UMNO perhaps in still in a state of shock and unable to comprehend what actually...

How to tackle the rising cost of living

  As the next Government , Pakatan Harapan, must tackle the issue of the rising cost of living.  As part of our public service program,...

It all comes down to Massie

Thursday’s upcoming House vote on the Senate Budget Resolution could be immortalised in political and economic history if MIT trained US Congressmen, Thomas Massie holds...


Defund the JPM

  It is this time of the year again. No, it is not another public holiday or the date for some demonstration, or counter demonstration. It is...

Getting started on AI