Leicester to win Premier League


In the worldwide history of self inflicted harm, the decision by a bunch of big clubs to break away and form their own mini elite league should rank just below Hitler’s decision to invade Russia.

As a football fan, the loyalty is not to the club but to football as a whole. And such an action is anti- football and could have only been concocted by the same folks who brought you Woke Supports: The Americans.

We fully expect the Premier League to deduct points from these rebellious clubs to show them whose boss. Such a situation could even hand the title to Leicester, who due to good sense decided not to join up with these mad folks.

Well I think Leicester is more than 5,000 to 1 to win the Premier League now. Perhaps if this is your cup of tea, forgo that Tomahawk steak and put a couple of quid down, provided its legal and acceptable for you do so.

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