A New World Order


We somehow get this inclination that the world is on the precipice of a new world order.

There are two trigger events that have shaped this situation.

The first is the Covid-19 pandemic and the second is the United States Presidential Election of 2020.

In fact, with American CEOs becoming increasingly open to “virtue signal”, let’s cut to the chase and outline what are their true political beliefs . These folk basically owe 0 allegiance to the country and consider themselves first and foremost chieftains of their own little kingdoms. Thus their thinking is shaped as to how to expand their kingdom to the last frontiers¬† , and the biggest frontier is China, home to the world’s second largest economy.

Per ABC, there is growing concern about the prospect of war in Taiwan straits.

Thus in a geopolitical crisis which outwardly pits the United States against China, expect there to be a lobby group for no intervention in the crisis. Thus, while Secretary of State Blinken may have been vocal about warning China on initiating any moves in the Taiwan straits, the reality of the situation is that I doubt United States will actually get involved militarily , or if so, only in a token gesture.

The South China Morning Post seems to think that this is all smoke and mirrors.
Why ask the question?

My guess is that a potential China – Taiwan conflict will be in the form of ‘salami slicing’, or denial of air space to cargo planes is the logistic pipe which carry the lifeblood of Taiwan’s economy, namely semiconductor exports. China will most likely seek to provide Taiwan’s population with the option of a peaceful accidence to the their policy or face a military conflict with devastating consequences.

Similarly we have Russian troops amassing in Ukraine and a recent cyberattack against Iran, conducted by Israel’s Mossad intelligence service.

The international will bark and scowl, but this may coincide with Russia making aggressive moves in Ukraine and Iran retaliating against Israel. My guess is that the major military powers, namely the Western democracies do not have the stomach for a conflict with another major superpower. They have their own problems do with due to Covid.

The entire catalyst for this was the US Presidential election. It showed to everyone who observes geopolitical relations that Western democracies can be subverted not via a direct military conflict but via a 5th Generation Information War. The Western democracies are characterized by spineless politicians who are so afraid of the media. Their so-called institutions bow to money.

Ever since the end of World War 2, the world has been dictated by the American hemisphere of influence. And today, though America is outwardly strong, in actuality they are internally weak due to the vast division in their society.

Well, elections have consequences and dishonest elections have greater consequences. That is all we want to say.


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  1. Hello, it is me again. May I ask, why are you so obsess with destruction of China? I can assure you there will not be a war between USA and China directly… even if there is, there is nothing to worry as the loser will nuke this planet to kingdom come. So, the conclusion is it doesnt matter if it happens or not.

    Worry about China and USA going to war is like worrying about aliens attacking earth. Same ending – nothing good and beyond our control. Even if you can hoard enough food and gold, how long can you last in a nuclear winter war?

    I am willing to bet USA will go into a civil war before we get to see world war 3. like what the muslin in afghan said, you may invest the clock, what we own the time. china is buying time and will avoid war knowing she is not capable of winning, and if push come to shove, and china is losing, just nuke anywhere in your country to create a nuclear winter…. die together.

    where you buy your tin foil hat?