Are we in the end days.


We are about 2 years into our development schedule for our ground breaking platform. Today, like any other day, was quite exhausting as we had to work from morning till night, with an afternoon break on a particular part of the system.

We took a break about 8.45 pm for dinner and wanted to resume at 11.00 pm, but decided to call it a day. It will probably take until the end of the year to finish the product, but we will not compromise on quality and are willing to take however long it takes to finish it.

There were a couple of things which happened recently which sort of bugged us and we want to make a record of this.

First , as some of our readers may be of different faith and beliefs, this post will be about our Christian beliefs so if discussing this offends any person’s beliefs, best not to click and read.

Ok , you have been warned.

The most recent thing really is this new shoe which a particular major American company is going to release which is profane. It is a shoe with clear symbolisms of satanism in its design and was released in conjunction with a rapper from the same country. Some claim that the shoe itself has human blood and it seems it will be retailing for over a US $1,000. The shoe company claims that it has nothing to do with the product as the shoes are shipped to a 3rd party who then adds those profane symbols.

This sort of denial reminds me of a school prefect telling a the school hoodlum , “I can’t do what you need to do, but you do it and I’ll look away.”

The other thing was a talk I had with a former classmate yesterday night. I must have known him for about 30 years since we went to school back when Dato Seri Anwar was Deputy Prime Minister. In fact, I remember reading the news of Dato Seri Anwar’s takedown of Tun Ghaffar Baba in that school’s library and to put mildly, I was not amused then as I considered Tun Ghaffar as a decent politician with strong consensus building capability.

The occasion arose as I have literally been “under the radar” for the past 2 years and for the past one and a half years, the only people I have met for a social occasion, must have been my cousin and her husband this recent Lunar New Year.

My classmate had called me earlier this month and after much persuasion, I decided to meet on the last Friday of the month, which happened to be yesterday. So at around 8.30 pm yesterday, I shut down my machine and went over to meet him. We spoke for about 2.5 hours and I left at about 11.00 pm after establishing that there was nothing much more to discuss as the important point I wanted to communicate had been communicated, and he firmly rejected what I had to say. I admit I came back thinking to myself that it was a total waste of time. I literally have to account for time on an hour by hour basis as I desperately want to finish my product.

So what was it that he rejected so vehemently?

Basically, we both attended a mission school and in his own words, he rejected the Christian narrative of the death and resurrection of Yeshua (proper Hebrew name), or the more common anglicized version , Jesus. The term Christ is a title in Greek, meaning the Anointed One, from the Greek term χρίω (chrī́ō), which is a translation of the Hebrew term, Mašíaḥ, messiah. He chose instead to believe in this thing called : “The Law of Attraction”, which was popularized by some Hollywood celebrities and their spiritual guides.

There are a couple of things I would like to clarify.

First, I have been a believer in the Christian faith from a young age. When I was in school, I read the Bible, when I was a young adult, I rebelled and when I am at my age, I have finally come back to faith in a much more firmly grounded way. In fact, I can see how all my experiences, especially the most bitter and painful ones, were specially ordained to equip me with the right business mindset and technical know-how to do what I currently am doing.

Part of a decision I made some years back, which I have put into practice over the last one and a half years, is to protect what goes into my mind. Maybe it is my makeup, but if I watch something that is profane, like it or not, it will affect my mind (or my wiring) as I like to call it. So literally there is no TV, no Netflix subscription, and certainly no Disney+. Entertainment for me is either playing chess on my smartphone (and getting promptly beaten by the ICC Computer Chess App 99% of the time) or watching panda videos. More often that not the bulk of YouTube watching is on technical talks like Natural Language Processing, Graph Query, Dev Ops and stuff like that.

Its boring, its dry, its dull.

And I have never been happier in my life.

The reason for my joy is that there were certain things in my life which crept it which would rear itself on a regular basis. It would leave me saddened and in deep distress. And those things are completely gone, so that is why I am very happy. (Plus am super excited for the future.)

The second thing I would want to clarify is this imagery of Yeshua which you see in Wikipedia or in other artforms. My guess is that this picture must have arose from medieval paintings and carried on till this day. However, the pictures are 100% false.

This is because the Biblical description of the picture of Yeshua  is described in clear detail in the Revelation Chapter 1. In the vision, the apostle John sees in a vision Yeshua standing before him and Yeshua’s appearance reflects the Glory of God. In fact John, who was one of Yeshua’s closest disciple on earth is so overwhelmed that he falls down like a dead man, only to be revived when Yeshua places His right hand on John. You can read more about this over here.

The third thing is the current state of the world.

So a major American company , one of the iconic brands in the world, launches a shoe praising the devil. So people who attended mission school , who were thought about the tenets of the Christian faith, reject it in favour of “The Law of Attraction .” So we see this push towards rejecting the God designed classification of mankind into male and female in favour of other man made concepts. So we see all the major universities and companies in the world, the Harvards, the Cambridges and its ilk pushing this sort of thinking down so hard that to hold to a Biblical view when pressed during your interview will lead to automatic disqualification.

Is this surprising? Should we be concerned.

Is Harvard or Cambridge worth to betray ones belief (and good sense probably).

The answer to me lies in the knowledge of one’s identity.

I am clear of my identity. I am first and foremost a follower and believer in Yeshua. By that I am a member of God’s family. While there have been extremely difficult and sad times, I can honestly see why it had to happen and right now, l am very happy and motivated. As I am grounded in this identity, all these happenings that are currently taking place does not bother me. I sincerely believe , and experience on a daily basis the promise the strong protection and security only God can provide to His children.

So who cares about getting rejected by Harvard or those big universities or big companies. In fact, it may be better to reject them right out in the interview if they push that line thinking under the principle “Better to de-platform than getting de-platformed“. A piece of paper with the emblem printed “VERITAS” is not worth the paper it is printed on if the ideology it espouses is more in keeping with the makers of said profane shoes.

So back to the question at hand:

Are we in the end of days?

So the end of days is the period that is just before the return of Yeshua. Many people have tried to time this and all of them are 100% wrong.

Actually my experience tells me that this whole concept of timing Yeshua’s return is futile. It is either you daily live under His commands or you do not, you reject Him today or you follow Him today. The Christian faith does not work under the principle that “I will live my life the way I like it and just before I die or Yeshua returns, I will go and ask for forgiveness.” 

Whether we are in the end of days today, yesterday, a year earlier or a year in the future, does not have any relevance.

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