A very short post on Malaysian politics


The date today is 19th Mar 2021.

I think its been more than a year that we have not touched on Malaysian politics.

So lets provide our perspective here.

If Malaysian politics is like the English Premier League, then UMNO is Manchester City. Even though the current Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin is the President of Bersatu, Bersatu really is like Liverpool, which is the defending champion.

Given the strength of UMNO’s grassroots network, its almost clean sweep in all by-elections contested to date, UMNO is most certain to remain in this position of being the number one contender for some time.

Bersatu failed to execute a strategy to put up a ground game. I believe there was just too much internal rivalry and a lack of cohesion.

Thus, based on that logic, this year’s UMNO Presidential Election takes on a massive importance. The president of UMNO will most likely be the next the Prime Minister, if a general election was held based on current political sentiment. That is just my view, and I could be wrong.

So the question is who will be most likely to win a potential UMNO Presidential Election?

Top contenders would be Tok Mat , the ex-Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan. He has the capability of running a business, running a state and was a proven winner when he ran the campaign for the various by-elections.

However, that will be a vote based on an objective assessment of capability, or ‘meritocracy.’ But politics is not about ‘meritocracy’ , populist sentiment is extremely important as well.

Now judging by populist sentiment, the Pekanite perhaps has more grassroots support than people give him credit for. There is of course questions about the legality of him contesting a byelection, and I am not expert on the UMNO Constitution, so I can’t really comment on his eligibility to contest. But based on a fair, non-cabal poll, the Pekanite is a political force of nature in UMNO. He has what politicians clamor for – Brand name recognition!

Can he do the unthinkable, and resurrect a political career that many had written off?

We certainly think so.

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  1. What if Najib thrown into jail by Bersatu and Umno split to 2 part siding Bersatu and does not side Bersatu? Can UMNO still win over Bersatu?