No service today due to public holiday


There are a couple of holidays coming up which will affect the availability of The Rembau Times in your region.

Today, Feb 18th , we are observing ,NPD, National Deplatform Day . Following this on Feb 19th – 23rd, there are a lot of Cancel Culture events and festivities taking place. Soon after Debunking begins and can go on for a month, since there is so much evidence out there. Several days may be allocated to celebrate the more celebrated Conspiracy Theories.

To round off this glorious month celebrating our new Totalitarian Reality, there will be a 48 hour non-stop online shopping event called The Mega Election Fraud Sales, which offers better deals than End Of Financial Year Sales ( EOFYS) or Singles Day. All sellers have guaranteed to reduce their prices using the Weighted Race feature, with prices slashed from White Supremacist down to White Abolitionists levels.


Prices will be so Low than everyone leaves with a smile on their face, even if you are Mitch McConnell .

And if you don’t smile, that’s because you’re racist, or a QAnon follower!

So what are you waiting for.

Celebrate today likes it’s 1984. 


Inspirational Thought:

Fret not on how your platform can de-platform you, 

but ask yourself,

How you can de-platform

your  platform

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