Remembering what Al Gore lectured us 25 years ago.

23 years ago, Malaysia got lectured by America on democracy.


23 years ago, the then Vice President of the United States lectured Malaysia on democracy.

At that time many folk who got interested in the Reformasi movement at that time really did not know a couple of things

  1. Soros is a dangerous human being
  2. The globalists were trying their first major scalp to unseat South East Asian leaders

Point 2 was just a forerunner to their biggest project, which was to overturn the biggest winning majority of any incumbent US President, which they succeeded in Nov 2020.

On point 2, the globalists wanted regime changes all throughout the region.

The Government of Thailand fell.

The Government of Indonesia fell.

The Government of South Korea fell.

Even the Trump led Government of the United States would later fall to the globalists.

But the UMNO led Government of Malaysia 

prevailed against all the odds.

Hidup Malaysia!

But we want to focus on a couple of things more pertinent to Malaysia and draw some contrast to the US political crisis right at the end.

Growing up in Malaysia, if you talk to the ‘old people‘ , they will always mention how political crisis could lead to racial riots, as what happened in 1969. So in a way, people knew of how bad things could get if the political situation got out of control.

So over the last 25 years in Malaysia political history, we have witnessed quite a lot. We witnessed the 1998 Anwar Ibrahim sacking, the Refomasi  1.0 riots, the 2008 Anwar Ibrahim comeback as “Sivaji The Boss”, the Bersih 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 rallies and finally culminating in the 2018 Malaysian General Election, which saw UMNO sadly take a half-time break from governing our country.

Malaysia Parliament has never been breached by any protestor because the results of our Elections has never been in question.

The point I want to stress is was there any loss of life or any widespread damage during this period of political upheaval?

Interestingly, I cannot remember examples of people actually getting killed as a result of police action. Neither were there any examples of even a single business getting burnt down to the ground. Not even one, even when millions marched in downtown KL. Not even one during the peak of Reformasi!

When was the military deployed to protect Putrajaya from the Rakyat? Never!

Neither was Putrajaya ever under any extended army lockdown or was there a need for the army to secure the Parliament over the last 25 years. The army I believe was only deployed on the night of the 2018 General Election as a strictly precautionary measure as there was a change of government, but exited 1 day later after the process was completed.

Even Mat Sabu, got to become Defense Minister for a while, as he was part of the winning coalition at that time!

All our protests were peaceful , and our police, who at times had to endure all sorts of name-calling, were very professional in discharging their duties.

Our Election Commission is also first class.

Our government has brought development to the furthest reaches of our country. Pictured above is the town of Kapit. Water looks nice, but there are man eating crocodiles.

Whether it is counting votes from villages along the deep interiors of Kapit, Sarawak or in coastal villages of Sekinchan, Selangor, the entire process is conducted with professionalism and integrity.  That is why I think a system of government with a Constitutional Monarchy offers a better safe guard for democratic principles than some of the Western democracies, which are not little more than feudal totalitarian states governed by Big Technology monopolies.

When the big questions need to be answered, the Sultans play an important role to ensure that our Constitution is respected and adhered to by the politicians.

The reason for the demise of Western democracies has to do with the great wealth disparity between the lawmakers and the big business. A Senator role pays less than what a junior executive in a Big Tech company earns through their stock options, yet the Senator holds immense power over the entire Big Tech corporate. However, the Senator, once he is term-limited or deposed, will return as a un-named entity to the American countryside, soon to be forgotten unless he or she finds a new abode in the boardroom of Corporate America.

Hence, there is a natural motivation for the ruling Senate class to act in the best interest of their Corporate America overlords. After all, once they are gone, who is going to feed their families or what will they have to look back on?

Nobody can ever accuse Malaysia of not being a first world nation in terms of adhering to democratic principles. That is the point we want to stress to the writers of this article. Those who for consciousness reasons decided not to play ball with the powers that be, such as the Late Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas, who only recently passed away on 14th Jan 2021, answered this question very well .

He chose to stick to principle, and I remember a quote of how he mentioned he was content to tend the vegetables and the goats at his field after he was sacked from his post.

I think the American Senators could at least afford a farm in the boondocks of the United States rather than sell out the country the way they did in not pressing for investigation to the clear cut evidence of voter fraud. But I ain’t American, so maybe even a bit of farmland is very expensive these days and out of their budget because Bill Gates is buying up as much land as he can get his hands on.

Update our new series will launch soon:


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