Deplatform today before being tried for Precrime tomorrow


We interrupt our Kolmogorov–Arnold representation theorem for an important announcement.

In the film Minority Report, the story narrates a future reality where some cyborg can predict future crime events and people can be arrested before the crime happens.

We think this reality is about several years away because of the people of the world have given a few tech billionaires immense amount of power to understand you at a level you have never thought possible.

The above picture shows a social graph of Facebook.  Let us illustrate with an example.

Suppose tomorrow, a crazed Liverpool fan does something especially “unacceptable” to the Woke People , like climbing on top of Big Ben and declaring to the British public that their media overlords are a bunch of lying hypocrites. The person is promptly arrested by the servants of the media, namely the politicians and sent to the newly refurbished Tower of London to await execution. The big tech overlords consider this form of treasonous behavior something that must be eradicated from the consciousness of their slave population.

If Google and Facebook combine, how long would you think it will take them to triangulate all the people in the world that fit their profile?

Current technology , maybe 1 week.

We have been railing against Wokism as a scrounge of humanity – the idea that a marriage can be between man and man or woman and woman itself violates the function endowed to the human body to reproduce, and the function associated with the family unit to raise a child in a manner that won’t lead them to turn into Antifa radicals or slaves in the Silicon Valley gulags. Yet this idea is being forced down the throats of people in the West, and soon enough, because we Malaysians like to fight and run down each other – it will be stuffed down our throats.

How is this related to our earlier discussion on the Kolmogorov-Arnold representation , KAR?

This is because the KAR provides the mathematical foundation on which to build Graph Neural Networks where big tech can learn a lot about you in a way you never knew possible. Watched that video about Trump? The algos know. Watched that video about opposing LGBT? The algos know. Watched that video about cute pandas rolling about? The algos know that too.

In fact, one thing we are doing these days is to actively try to fool the algos in our internet search. For example, if Big Tech wanted to go after every single Trump supporter worldwide as part of their effort to de-program views that they don’t agree, which they call ‘Trumpism’ (a feat the Nazis did prior), they would build a certain profile and we have to actively avoid being caught in that profile.

So our message to all our readers is this. If you totally agree with Big Tech, then there is some short term good news as they will try to enforce their views in a way that is as similar to previous authoritarian regimes. If you disagree with them and consider the scrounge of humanity, then DE platform them if you can or avoid sharing any information with them.

Australia is making the right decision to divorce Google

We have deplatformed from Twitter and have 0 regrets.

With that we return to our regular programming on the Kolmogorov Arnold representation theorem.

It seems things are a bit edgy in the US, but not our pwoblem.

Anyway today’s word of the day is: ‘ Kolmogorov–Arnold representation theorem

It states that if f is a multivariate continuous function, then f can be written as a finite composition of continuous functions of a single variable and the binary operation of addition. More specifically,

Image for post

In a sense, they showed that the only true multivariate function is the sum, since every other function can be written using univariate functions and summing. If the function f is permutation-invariant, then the formula can be further reduced:

This is important for Graph Neural Networks.

Ok that’s all we have to say now.

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