United has made it to 23 minute without conceding


Ok the pairing of Lindelöf and Maguire have managed to keep Liverpool out for 23 minutes.


While waiting for the world to disintegrate, after Liverpool will trash United in about a days time, here are some fish sauce brands.

Squid Brand

Squid brand: If your life sucks like Squidward

Healthy Boy brand

Buy this sauce if you want your son to look healthy.

Golden Boy Brand

Golden Boy brand: Buy this brand if you want to turn your child into gold. Like the goose which laid golden eggs.

Mae Krua Brand

Mae Krua brand: My favourite.

Buy this brand if you want to turn your ‘Mae’ into an expert cooking lady like the good ol’ days before Wokism. Kind of reminds me of my version of the ideal wife as described in this guide to an excellent marriage life.

Click on the link.


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