Polls Analyst Silenced by YouTube and Twitter

Peoples Pundit, an expert in voting polls analysis has been suspended by Twitter.


UPDATED : The Poll Analyst is back online on Twitter. But for how long, we don’t now.


The People’s Pundit, a Twitter account by a bona-fide Election expert has been suspended by Twitter.

We have followed some of the videos by People’s Pundit. He definitely knows his stuff and more importantly, he shows how one can look at the voter rolls and come to the conclusion that the total vote counts in some of the counties are ridicolous.

This is because the voter rolls contain

  • Dead People
  • Change of address

However, Twitter has silenced him.

If that is not enough, even YouTube has joined the game. To be honest, all videos seem to have been shutdown on us, but the coincidence is alarming.

However, striking him down may make him more powerful. That is our sense.


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