We stand with the President

The Rembau Times stands with President Trump in demanding an investigation into numerous allegations of voter fraud, even if it means entering Rep. Cortez's little black book.


Approximately 76 years ago, a naval battle took place off the coasts of the island of Samar, Philippines, which had deep impact on us. An American naval commander of Native American origin, commanding the USS Johnston, a small “tincan” destroyer,  took on the entire might of the Japanese Imperial Navy.

The USS Johnston was facing a massive Japanese fleet, which was poised to pound the beaches of the Philippines, where hundreds of thousands of Allied troops were amassed. If Japanese fire power was concentrated there, the Allies would have suffered massive casualties. This was a result of a sophisticated Japanese deception technique that sent the entire Allied fleet on a wild goose chase, leaving the islands undefended.

Eventually the Japanese fleet turned away, largely in part due to the spirited fight put up by the USS Johnston, sparing the Allied troops of a massive loss. However it came with a price.

Lt. Cmdr Ernest E. Evans, the Commander of the USS Johnston died as the ship was sunk having drawn the bulk of the Japanese fire.

18 hours ago, Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez gave a chilling warning of what the world can expect from an incoming Biden administration. She says:

“Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future”

Now Representative Cortez is no flunky.

She is the defacto head of the so called “Liberal” wing of the Democrat party, and was probably responsible a big chunk of the party’s spectacular fund raising. It is obvious that she would be a very powerful person in a potential Biden administration, and here she was announcing that any one who supported the President could be targeted in the future for possible retaliation.

When we initially read that message, we were concerned. We were faced with a decision. Should we cower and hide, like what many Germans did in the wake of Hitler’s unstoppable rise to power? Make no mistake – the last time a threat like this was sounded, Germany was in the 1930s, Russia was in the 1910s, and what followed soon after was purge after purge, which also led to great war and tragedy.

Prior to the events of November 4th 2020, The Rembau Times had been actively carrying out independent research out of a revulsion of the Group Think that is dominating the mainstream media, the results of which pointed to a Trump victory. Every ounce of journalistic integrity is thrown aside in the fight against President Trump. Covid? Oh that is President Trump’s fault, even though the current data as of today indicates that Europe itself is finding itself in a much worse position, relatively speaking to the United States.

Now prior to election day, we were following up closely on the early voting trend as recorded by the election website US Election project and the Target Smart website. All indicators were pointing to a Trump victory as the youth vote had decimated and the voting profile was trending towards the Trump Demographic. So we called the election for the President, and was glued to our computer screens as results came in.

Now that was 72 hours ago.

In the past 72 hours, the same mainstream media which promised a “Blue Wave” , which assured us that President Trump was going to be decimated in national polls, is trying to finish the job by declaring Democrat candidate Biden as President and claiming there is absolutely nothing wrong.  Not even an iota. There is no point in repeating the points raised by many on the irregularities, only to add that in Malaysia, we have a term for these called “undi hantu” or the ghost vote.

Now the last point is important because it defies logic that if President Trump carried a greater share of Black, Brown and Latin American voters, then how on earth could he lose? If President Trump smashed Barrack Obama’s so called supervote number in 2008, how could he lose? If President Trump carried Ohio and Florida with sizeable margins, how could he lose?

After thinking long and hard, and trying to match the results presented to date with voting constituencies, we can give you the reason.

If President Trump was leading on election night in all key battlegrounds only for the results to turn against him mysteriously in the dead of night, when there was no polling observers present – the only reason he is behind  was because he lost the “ghost vote” electoral block.  That seems to be the only logical conclusion. Name me one other demographic group, candidate Biden carried on a national basis and we will shut up? Come on man, we currently have Republican candidates competitive in races that they were supposed to be dead and buried in, and some even emerging victorious in safe seat for Democrats.

The other telling signal is who in the Democrat party is actually cheering? There is a sizeable bunch of Democrats who are enraged at the election results, and they even convened a cabal to discuss it where colourful language was exchanged.

But this is speculation. And the President of the United States, with its role as a counter balance in many other spheres of influence cannot be determined by speculation, conjecture or ghosts . The race needs to be determined in a manner that is clear and can be respected, first and foremost by the American public and to a lesser degree, America’s allies throughout the world.

If Biden is declared as President and Representative Cortez were to use the powerful position she will almost certainly inherit against us, so be it. We are not going to roll around and cry. The whole point of this post is to state our opposition to this form of thought crime and to register what we feel are valid concerns raised by the President, which should deserve a fair hearing in accordance to the laws of the United States.

Every legal vote should count. Every illegal vote , is a vote by a ghost and those who tolerate them in the name of cowering to the media are cowards. Those who tolerate it in the name of fighting Donald Trump are loyal to their ideology before they are loyal to the Constitution of the United States.

Our point is simple:

So we want to tell Republicans and Democrats, this is not about Trump per se. It is respecting the process of democracy.  The courts will have to adjudicate whether the result of the election is in dispute. That will take time and it will be a great testament to President Trump’s inner resolve if he were to remain patient during this testing time.

So we want to tell Representative Cortez, who is now keeping a list of Trump supporters,  please add “The Rembau Times” into your list. We stand with the President if it means standing for the right to air one’s view and in our opposition to this form of Left Wing Cultural Revolution being imposed on the world at large.

We stand with the President even if it means we can be targeted in the future by the powerful instruments of state of a Biden administration, if it happens to materialize. We broke the Hong Kong National Security Law on Day One of its implementation, we might as well spare us the effort and break any future United States equivalent if it does come to pass under a possible Biden administration.

And lastly, we perhaps want to encourage any vacillating Republican leader, congressman or Senator – show a bit of Apache fighting spirit and stand with the President.

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  1. Thank you for putting together so many insightful analyses leading up to and post election as well.
    I feel your anger and disappointment too.
    Perhaps this event will spur the formation of a 3rd party, The Patriots, who represents the true people free from the corrupt Republicans and Democrats.

  2. Thanks KC. I think the courts should decide as there is ample evidence of irregularities in the key Democrat counties which swung this election. The President did well even in New York. But he needs to remain calm.

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