Man Utd won. Finally. But..


Manchester United won yesterday at Brighton and undeservedly so.

However, Man United fans should not get their hopes up as Brighton hit the woodwork 3x in the match and they only won because of a penalty awarded in the 100th minute. They should have been lucky enough to get a draw but managed to rob Brighton of all 3 points.

To be honest,  Man Utd fans can expect is this winning run to continue for at most another 1 or 2 games before they lose or draw again. The team is simply not good enough.

In order to minimise the frustration, we suggest that Man Utd fans adopt a second club to support while this average team continues to be average. Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal are out of the question, but they could choose Tottenham, Leicester or even Everton. In the meantime, just fold away the jersey or maybe store it in the attic until they get some proper players.

Everton’ winning run under Super-boss Carlo Ancelotti continued today. They beat Crystal Palace, which was the same Crystal Palace that beat Man United last week. So that means Everton will have no problem beating United. If Everton continue to win the remaining 35 games, they will be Premier League champions .

Tottenham is cool because of Jose Mourinho, so they are good second team to support as well.

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