PM should have followed our advice


We “cried” as well when news circulated of Tan Sri Muhiyiddin losing the Parliament majority circulated on WhatsApp channels.

But we have already said out loud on what should have been done ages ago, but was not done and we now have an issue.

We support in this order : Umno and alliances formed to achieve said purposes.

With regards to Tan Sri Muhiyiddin, in terms of governing, he was spot on.

He did away with a bloated cabinet and gave a lot of decision making power to senior civil servants. That is why we had a very effective response to the Coronavirus because Health Director General, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah was in charge of formulating the response. But while this is good for the country as a whole, it carries a massive political risk. Tan Sri Muhiyiddin’s government is dependent on UMNO. UMNO has a vast political network to maintain – one cannot simply cut-off UMNO from key Ministries like EPU and expect UMNO to support. The political calculus does not add up.

However, in terms of the economy we feel Tengku Zafrul was not up to mark. Our tourism economy, which accounts for RM 100 billion a year in GDP is gone to zero. We had proposed alternatives over here.

So where do we go from here?

The first is to note that the chances of Tan Sri Muhiyiddin forming a come back are very slim. This is because grassroots support is with UMNO – UMNO is well and truly the kingmaker and the backbone of any future Government. This has been proven at the ballot box through countless by-elections. The only chance for Tan Sri Muhiyiddin to survive will be for UMNO Supreme Council to reject Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s call. As we are totally unaware of the going on in UMNO, we cannot comment.

The second is the relationship between Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, as UMNO President and presumed nominee for Prime Minister, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. This relationship which was forged during Dato Seri Anwar’s meteoritic rise in UMNO in the 1980s till his peak in 1997 (and subsequent crash) is thicker than water. However, when we look down the UMNO Supreme Council, and the heads of Pemuda UMNO, we are super surprised if they are all in agreement with UMNO supporting Dato Seri Anwar. The only conclusion is that Dato Seri Anwar has promised senior Cabinet positions to UMNO as part of a “grand bargain”.

The third is whether Tan Sri Muhiyiddin can advice the Yang DiPertuan Agong to dissolve Parliament and put to rest once and for all this current Malaysian Parliament sitting, which has seen 2 governments fall in the space of above 2 years.

The Famous “There is UMNO” speech

If a General Election is held, UMNO will sweep the Parliament. For 12 General Elections,  spanning almost 70 years, Malaysia was safely governed by UMNO. If you go to Tawau, at the edge of Sabah facing the Sulu Sea, there is UMNO. If you go to Larkin, where people can commute to the Lion City, Asia’s financial capital by a simple bus trip, there is UMNO. If you go to Cameron Higlands, where you can plant strawberries because the air is cool like London, there is UMNO. If you go to Klang, where you can take a ferry ride and to Medan , there is UMNO. If you go to Taman Negara, in the middle of Pahang, in the most remote part of Peninsula Malaysia where you can see elephants and tigers, there is an UMNO cawangan there in Kuala Lipis.

If you go to Padang Besar, P001 – the first Malaysian Parliament constituency, bordering the Kingdom of Thailand, not only there is UMNO there, but UMNO has retained P001 as Perlis Utara, then since Merdeka, Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan !

If you go to Padang Besar, P001 – the first Malaysian Parliament constituency, bordering the nation of Thailand, not only there is UMNO there, but UMNO has retained P001 as Perlis Utara, then Kangar, since Merdeka!

When we lost our support of PH Government way back in December of 2018, we were very clear to avoid criticizing Dato Seri Anwar.

Our hope is that there is an interim government formed without the need for election, only on the grounds of public health security. If there was no Coronavirus, we would have called for fresh general elections in Malaysia which would have seen UMNO winning a clear mandate in the General Election.

Lets see whether DSAI can prove his mettle as PM.



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  1. Presumed nominee for PM, implying it’s a presumption which could be proven false.
    (Focus right now is on natural language analysis – Malaysia politics is taking a back stage, so I’m cool to wait it out to see who wins )