The new Premier League season is one week old, but Man United fans can write it off. Nothing good is going to come out. Again. And some news on the 3 Gorges dam.


Man United was soundly beaten by Crystal Palace at Old Trafford yesterday. This is the second time running that the London misfits have beaten the illustrious, trophy laden, world famous club. The display was so woeful that there it is a case of 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. United fans can write off this season.

It just does not seem fair that Premier League fans can’t watch Gnarby and Davies players week in and week out and have to settle for Adana Traore, whom Man United should buy if they can’t get these 2.

The shape United is very bad. Where is the addition of players like Serge Gnarby and that Canadian kid, Alphonso Davies? Forget Jadon Sancho – buy players who have won stuff.

Alphonso Davies and Serge Gnarby

We are not talking #BlackLivesMatter here but 2 world class players who are being imprisoned in the German league at the European champions Bayern Munich. The German league is almost a farmer’s league like the French league, but not. It just does not seem fair that Premier League fans can’t watch Gnarby and Davies players week in and week out and have to settle for Adana Traore, whom Man United should buy if they can’t get these 2.

It is a crime against humanity to subject Man United fans to the same lower highs and lower lows they have been accustomed to.

Everton is top of the table.

This is madness. Everton is now top of the table and even worse, they have signed former world cup star James Rodriguez from Madrid and he is actually turning out to be a real class act. But behold, their coach is Carlo Ancelotti – the same Carlo Ancelotti who coached AC Milan and Real Madrid, and won many titles with them. Why is he not at United?

Arsenal won again. Send help.

Arsenal – yes the Arsenal , won again. West Ham outplayed them but Arsenal were the better finishers with Lacazette scoring the opener from a pinpoint header and Eddie Nketiah, a youngster grabbing thr winner. This Arsenal transformation is mostly down to the addition of Will.I.AN from Chelski. The player is a definitely a class attacking midfielder.


Laca likes to wear the long football shorts right up to the knees , like the Malaysian league. Maybe he could come over to Selangor after Arsenal.

3 Gorges news. Is there any?

As we continue our China obsession, is there anything to report on the 3 Gorges dam?

Well there is the chart above, and a chart tells a thousand words – but first pause and draw your own conclusion.

The conclusion we draw reinforces our claim that the dam is damaged, and maybe being repaired – something we reported earlier last week.

The outflow is now well below capacity – capped at 26,000 m3/s. It has been in this reduced outflow mode for the past 10 days, indicating that the dam cannot discharge near its previous mode of about of 40,000 m3/s when facing a flood threat.

Notice how previously, whenever the flood inflow rose, the dam outflow rose as well. However, beginning in the 2nd week of September, the dam outflow was severely curtailed to a fraction of this discharge capacity. What this means is that fewer sluice gates are opened. We will cover more about this when the water level reaches 170 m at the 3 Gorges Dam, perhaps by end of Friday, judging by the flow rate.

Looking at the 5 day weather forecast, there will be rain all along the Yangtze river basin, averaging just about 2 inches, with more rain in the Nanyang region, just north of the 3 Gorges dam.

If you look at the map, the areas north of the 3 Gorges dam actually drain to Wuhan, so the rains in the Nanyang – Guangshang region should not affect it. However, the question will be what is the flow rate going to be over the next 5 days – we think it will average at 40,000 m3/s – just under flood level. That means the dam impounds water at 18,000 tons/second – which raises its level by about a metre a day.

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