Arsenal is TOP of the table. Send help!


A crazy 2020 has only 3.5 months left, and what better way to signify the upheaval that has taken place in our lives by noting the upheaval in the football cosmos: Arsenal is TOP of the table and if they win their remaining 37 matches, they will be crowned Coronavirus EPL champions.

Its necessary for us to be hard on Arsenal lest lesser mortals are seduced to supporting them. What with Mikael Arteta doing a cameo as Wenger 2.0 , Will.I.AN going on a free transfer from the Bridge to the Ethihad and the exquisite talent of Sako, Arsenal can easily prove alluring to mere football fans.

More tellingly, David Luiz who could be relied upon to gift the opposition a goal every other game is no longer even on the bench. Up front, they have a Pierre Emrick Aubemayang , who could easily pass off as DJ – he will go missing for 80 minutes and then suddenly score a goal. That used to be a certain Maradona’s tactic as well, but to put Maradona and the Arsenal forward in the same breath is an injustice. Neither is it to put him in Harry Kane’s league but appropriate in a Vardy style player, though Vardy offers more. Lacazzete and Pepe are supposed to be good , but it’s one thing to trash Fulham 3 – 0, quite another to do that to Liverpool. Or Tottenham.

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