[WORLD EXCLUSIVE] Trump to win re-election

On 9th August 2020, The Rembau Times officially predicts that Donald Trump will be re-elected as President of the United States of America.


On Nov 6, 2016 with only 3 days left to go to the US Presidential Election, the Rembau Times correctly predicted that Donald J. Trump would win and elected as the 45th President of the United States of America. At that time, the entire world thought that Billary was going to be elected as President.

Today in history*, on the 9th of August at 1252 PM the Rembau Times once again makes a historic prediction that President Trump will win re-election, but it will be a massively close call.

*Hari ini  dalam sejarah 

Current State as of 9th August (D – 89)
Trump is statistically going to lose, or so says the polls. But not what Rembau Times says

If you perform any sort of statistical analysis on the opinion polls over the last 6 months, the answer comes out always the same – Joe Biden will be elected President.

Thus it is unsurprising that renowned polling maestro,  American University Professor Allan Lichtman , Biden will win this November. Professor Lichtman developed the “Keys to the White House Model“, an election model which has correctly predicted every single Presidential election result since 1984, including President Trump’s surprise victory in 2016. Bottom line is that Professor Lichtman is as best as you can get to a world class expert on predicting the US Presidential election.

Professor Allan Lichtman, author of the book Predicting the Next President and who has successfully predicted every Presidential election since 1984 says that Joe Biden will be elected President of the United States come November 3rd.  But that is not what The Rembau Times says.

Predicting that Trump will win is so out of the box , as the President has lagged behind potential Democrat candidates on almost every opinion poll taken over the last 2 years. So what gives and what does the Rembau Times know which Allan Lichtman or other experts don’t know?

Well, if Professor Lichtman has the “Keys to the White House Model” we have the “Trumpistan – America after Nov 8th 2016″ model.

Let’s review list down some of the major reasons why Trump will win.

No 1 Americans dislike China more than ever in history.


75% of Americans hold a negative view of China. The President’s approval ratings have climbed recently as the US Administration takes a stronger stance against China.
Source: Pew Research

The Number 1 reason is that Americans blame China for the Covid-19 epidemic and not President Trump.  This is the first time since the American Civil War, or 155 years ago, that life in the American heartlands have been disrupted so massively as a result of this epidemic. Think about it, the world has gone through 2 World Wars in the intertwining period, a Great Depression, the rise and fall of the Soviet Union – all of that just is nothing compared to the disruption Covid 19 has placed on America over the past several months.

The question was always going to be who the American public was going to hold accountable for this disruption. Was it President Trump or Lord Voldemort ?(since CNN and the liberal media are so afraid of criticizing the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist party.) According to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research center,  78% of Americans blame the global spread of Covid 19 on  Xi Jinping.

That view is “double edged” means it works for Trump and works against Joe Biden. It works for President Trump because the administration has created the first  Anti China alliance, called the Quad 4 (United States, Japan, India and Australia) to confront China in the South China sea. The President also placed tariffs on China, closed consulate offices accused of being a den of spies and even slapped powerful OFAC sanctions on Chinese officials, including the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carry Lam. Americans know that this President is tough on China – it is so blatantly obvious that even a liberal Antifa participating card carrying Democrat knows this.  Compared to every single predecessor since Richard Nixon established relations with the Chinese Communist Party, no President has confronted China in as an aggressive and comprehensive manner as this administration.

It works against Joe Biden because anybody who remotely knows anything about the former Vice President is that Biden has been supportive of China throughout his entire public career spanning the last 4 decades.  “Beijing Biden” is no Trump inspired jibe, its the truth.

No 2 Trump Administration is more or less stable

After a tumultuous 3 years, that saw personnel change at almost many major Cabinet level position except for the Vice-President, President Trump has more or less built a strong team around him. Secretary of Defense Esper, Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Pompeo, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, with supporting roles of Trade Adviser Peter Navarro and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. This consistency has more less negated one of the reasons Americans had an unfavorable view of the Trump administration – the constant chop and change.

No 3 Its cool to be American again

President Trump won many plaudits after imposing sanctions on Carrie Lam. Click on picture for article.

Something strange happened two days ago on the comments section of the Financial Times with respect to the above article.

This is a newspaper based in London, the place where they launched the Trump Baby Blimp. London used to be the hotbed of anti-Trump sentiment but the Coronavirus has changed that perception.

London used to be the hotbed of anti Trump sentiment. The Coronavirus has changed that perception.

Almost every anti Trump commentator was “smacked down” and there was overwhelming support for President Trump in a UK newspaper after he imposed OFAC sanctions on Hong Kong SAR CEO Carrie Lam (and doxxed her for good measure as well). This is a newspaper based in London, the place where they launched the Trump Baby Blimp. London used to be the hotbed of anti-Trump sentiment but the Coronavirus has changed that perception.

It used to be the case that liberal Americans who traveled to Europe loudly complained that they had to apologise on behalf of the American people for the election of President Trump.

But wait a minute, has any Belgian apologised on behalf of Von der Leyen, the President of the EU for waving at Xi Jinping even after thousands of Europeans were killed by Covid-19, a creation of the CCP? Has any Spaniard apologised on behalf Pedro Sánchez for signing up to China’s Belt and Road initiative? Has any French or Swede or German or Italian apologized on behalf of the silence of their Government leaders in light of overwhelming evidence that Covid-19 was a man-made creation of a lab in Wuhan China?

EU leaders reaction to Covid-19

Nothing – silence.

No 4 US will recover. Farmers are going to get a windfall

The last factor is the economy, and more specifically, farmers.

Farmers will be the decisive voting block in this election cycle.

Trump’s  re-election really hinges on the farmers. Up until Covid-19, farmers felt that they were unfairly used as a pawn in game of chess between President Trump and President Xi. Support for Trump among this crucial base was eroding steadily.

However, once Covid-19 struck, this perception changed and farmers came around to accept that the President was right all along on “sticking it to China”.

Pork prices, a key element in the country’s CPI basket, rose 85.7% on the year. Source: Bloomberg

More importantly, with the floods in China at record levels, China will be facing a severe food shortage over the coming months. Whether China likes it or not, China will have to import record amounts of rice, soybean, pork, beef, corn and edible oils  just to feed its population. This new import requirement will hit just as the time that Americans will be going to the polls.

The American farmer, who had been upset at President Trump for the last 24 months, may let out a smile as he realizes that he played a part in ensuring that the United States prevailed against China.

No 5 Radical Left is repulsive to Americans


As the Tea Party movement had swung the Republican party to the right, the Democratic party has swung to the left as a result of the Antifa movement.  However, in appealing to the left wing and other lunatic fringe groups in their shadows, the Democratic party base appears more and more “Un-American“. This actually repulses the most crucial voting block in any US Presidential election – the middle of the ground voters, regular Americans who will always choose “None of the above” option when presented with any sample of mix of predefined political ideologies. There is actually some statistical basis to the rejection of left wing ideologies as a result of demonstrations, the so-called White Fright phenomenon. Expect this factor to be a key player again as images of Un-American messages like “Defund the Police” get streamed into the living rooms and smartphones of regular Americans, which prompts a feelings of mass revulsion as a viewer is unable to reconcile as to why the left is open with their hatred towards America but keeps totally silent on China?

Question: We know you hate America, but how does Antifa feel about China?

Answer: Nothing – silence



With the election less than 90 days away, President Trump’s campaign which had been misfiring for the last 2 years suddenly appears to have sorted itself out and is firing on all cylinders. At that the same time, the Democratic Nominee, Vice President Joe “Beijing” Biden’s campaign lacks cohesion. Perhaps, come this November, the following countdown clock, often referred to during watching briefs held by those who dislike the President, will need to be reset once again.

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  1. Not a close call. I couldn’t trust poll since they are so wrong in last election and there is no third party to verify the correctness of the poll. By observing the comment and like in facebook between Biden and Trump page (a more common sense way), don’t be surprise there is increase of electoral vote for Donald Trump.

  2. I agree with you on this. I am betting Trump will win. And my reason is the same as yours – the anti-China campaign, which Biden refuses to take part, this makes Biden appears weak and Americans likes to see a tough guy doing his job, not someone that bow down to China.

    The other ‘secret weapon’ Trump will pull off is a surprise vaccine this October. He will ‘save’ USA and promise to save USA again in November and make China pay for it like how Mexico paid for the invisible border wall.