Tips in buying a computer

We are sharing some experiences after purchasing a Dell and an Acer


When I started this article, I was annoyed. Now I am angry.

Readers may have read about my experience when buying a Dell PC only to find that the monitor cable supplied did not match the CPU. Actually after a month of using both my Dell (Pentium Gold 3.8Ghz) and my Acer (Celeron 1 Ghz) and a Lenovo laptop for work, here are my views.


SSD is an absolute essential

I am a simple guy – time is money. When a computer makes me wait, I get furious. My Acer is on an underpowered engine, a Celeron 1 Ghz. My Dell is on a better engine – a Pentium 3.8 Ghz. But my Acer has Solid State Drive, or SSD. I have never remembered ever once having to start my Acer and wait to run simple programs like Google Chrome or Microsoft Visual Studio. My Dell makes me wait when I start things up and it got me super annoyed.

This happened which made we blow my top. Google Chrome became unresponsive. 

As you can see, when I started to write this article Google Chrome became unresponsive.

Now I have background in Operating System engineering, and I started my career actually coding drivers for embedded systems on a BSD like platform so I have a good idea what was happening. McAfee (my most hated antivirus that comes supplied with Dell) was scanning the files and generating page fault after page fault after page fault. That led to the entire system getting unresponsive.

Don’t ever ever ever buy any machine running Windows 10 without an SSD. When I was shopping for my Dell, I honestly thought I was getting an SSD but did not check it out clearly leading to a disaster when I unboxed my machine to find out it had a terrible Serial ATA hard drive.

The only thing positive I can say about the Dell is the deluxe keyboard. I type really fast so a good keyboard is an essential. I like ergonomics, so I was always going to get a wireless option. Never buy a Lenovo lap top – its China and its keys can get stuck down as happened to my company supplied i7 powered laptop (which is very hot so you cannot put in on your laptop).

I think Dell’s choice of their hard drive vendor is borderline criminal  in terms of the stress they have put me through. After using Dell for sometime, me a Windows person through and through actually was lamenting that I should have got an Apple Mac.

Okay, that ends my rant. My machine has finishing generating its page faults due to McAfee (unfortunately its rivals are Russia, so we are really down for choice). I can start to download my files and work on my software product. Once the page faults die down, the speed benefits from the Pentium Gold processor do make it a more powerful platform from the under-powered Acer.



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