Bersatu UMNO merger

Using a playbook from corporate strategies, UMNO can be rightfully returned back to power through a merger.


As the country adjusts to a new political reality, the issue of the current Government’s political support base has yet to be resolved.

Whilst Bersatu and UMNO remain as distinct political entities, there is a definite case for a merger as would be possible if both were corporate entities. After all, Bersatu’s President, Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin is the Prime Minister and he was UMNO’s previous Deputy President until being removed due to 1MDB.

The Rembau Times is all for a merger which can

a) Remove all political uncertainties

b) Reduce unnecessary politicking among the Malays

c) Put UMNO back on the path towards becoming the backbone of the Government.

In order to perform the merger, the following is proposed

a) Both parties agree to dissolve their respective Supreme Councils in order to form a new party called UMNO (3.0).

b) The new party will comprise of all members of the old parties. The divisions will be organised around UMNO divisions. Division heads of UMNO will be the respective interim division head for the new entity. This is because Bersatu just does not have the organisational reach and party infrastructure of UMNO.

c) A new interim Supreme Council of UMNO (3.0) will be formed with Tan Sri Muhiyiddin and  Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi as Co-Presidents.  Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan will be the Deputy President. The Supreme Council will comprise of members of both Bersatu and UMNO.

d) The interim Supreme Council will function until party elections are held in 2 years time. After that the interim Supreme Council will disband.


Hopefully this will solve the unnecessary political crisis.

Hidup UMNO!

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  1. Najib has grassroots support, don’t you think Najib will make a come back and challenge for the UMNO president post? I dont think Muhiyiddin and Najib see things eye to eye. Will you allow an ex-employee you fired back to your company? Then promote him? No!

    I think UMNO and PAS will not accept Bersatu and it will be another 3 corner fight in GE15 for malay seats (Bersatu vs PKR vs UMNO/PAS).

  2. Najib is now out of the power base for 2 years. TSMY must strike when the iron is hot and merge with UMNO and serve as President, even if it’s a co President with Zahid Hamidi. The fact that he is PM will give him the legitimacy and he will be able to sideline DSZH in no time and claim the role as de facto President.

  3. Well UMNO supreme council folk like DS Ismail Sabri is currently in the Cabinet. They have forged a working relationship with TSMY. There is also a sizeable anti Najib faction including KJ, Asyraf Wajidi Dsuzki, Khaled Nordin who are anti Najib. And there is this issue about sharing power with Pas. My call is that Unno leaders will come to the conclusion if you weigh everything up, a strong UMNO under BN 2.0 will be better than a coalition with Pas. Zahid Hamidi gets sidelined and the new boss is TSMY. The King is dead, Long live the King!

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