War to follow after Coronavirus

On today , Monday, Mar 30th 2020, the Rembau Times issues the call that war between the United States and China is only 8 months away.

Coming to a TV near you: Naval war this fall

On the 30th Mar 2020, The Rembau Times made a startling prediction that once the Coronavirus, or #CCPVirus, dies down, the world will have to prepare for yet another issue: an armed military conflict between the United States and China over Taiwan.

From our point of view, the path to war has already been cast in stone. If one characterized the view Congress had over China as being negative in 2019, currently this view is probably downright hostile and China is seen as a hostile threat that needs to be dealt with. After all, Dr Fauci, the physician pivotal to the Trump administration’s response to the Coronavirus has cautioned Americans  that the final death toll from the Coronavirus to be in the hundreds of thousands range. This figure is comparable in magnitude to the the 300,000 American lives lost in World War 2. America will undoubtably demand a response.

America will demand a response to the lives lost due to the Coronavirus

The path to war starts on the steps of the Capitol in Washington DC.

The TAIPEI act, or S.1678 / HR. 4754 Taiwan Allies Protection and Enhancement Act (2019) which has been signed into law will probably be the catalyst for the confrontation . There are other legislation making its way through the cloakrooms of Congress , which further recognises  Taiwan’s status as an independent country, a move Beijing has deemed as a redline that should not be crossed . Other European nations are expected to make similar formal declarations attesting to Taiwan’s independence, shattering the myth one China, or 1China diplomatic smokescreen the Chinese Government has demanded that nations adopt in order to keep the People’s Liberation Army in their barracks.

President Xi will see a short war with Taiwan as a way to re-establish himself.

But of course the path to war has less to do with nations seeing past a diplomatic smoke and mirror act, but more to do with why almost all wars start in the first place: The Preservation of Power. And in China, this means President Xi Jinping’s grip on absolute power in China, which is weakening day by day as the country faces up to the reality that an economic disaster is at the door and there is little the Chinese Government can do to prevent it. The Coronavirus has shattered China’s export oriented economy, meaning that factories will start laying of millions of workers, creating massive social unrest that could cause the collapse of Xi’s government.

Faced with a collapsing economy, being shut out of the world’s major markets, the President Xi will roll his final dice in his efforts to remain as China’s equivalent of Chairman Mao : A military confrontation with Taiwan or even with the US in the Straits of Taiwan. President Xi will argue that the unrest is not a part of any issue specific to himself but rather threatens the fate of the Chinese Communist Party. If readers don’t understand this, the Peoples Liberation Army swears their oath of alligience first to the Communist party, and the nation of China is somewhere in the background. So in order to perpetuate the legitimacy of the party, President Xi will argue that some sort of mass wave of nationalistic fervour will be demanded, something wars usually create at its onset.

If you think that the Pentagon is not currently actively preparing for this, think again.

A short 21 day conflict between the United States and China in 2020 will follow shortly
Picture Credits: Public Radio International

The Trump White House will actually jump at this opportunity. As current polls go, President Trump will be a one-term President. He gambled on the stock market and the economy, the former with the Dow at 22,000 gives an indication of some eventual recovery; the economic indicators on the other hand gives readings not even conceivable in any of the doom and gloom scenarios banking regulators conceive in their annual stress test exercises.

Let that sink in for a moment. The Fed, the ECB and the Bank of England have never come out with a stress scenario which mimics the current conditions we face now with the world being shutdown over the Coronavirus (#CCPVirus). The readings we get are off the charts, and given the likely loan defaults, destruction in demand and so forth, the chances of a recovery before November don’t look so good.  And President Trump will not fancy losing giving up power to President Joe Biden : it ranks second to worst to President Trump’s worst fear of giving up power to President Obama, which the US Constitution happens to forbid.  So a war between the US and China is in both the interests of the occupants of the White House and the Forbidden City.

You have been warned by the Rembau Times, the only organisation that predicted Trump, predicted Brexit, predicted the Malaysian General Election, predicted the collapse of the new Malaysian Government and now predicts this.

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  1. I am not a supporter of China or CCP but I have to disagree with your view. Taiwan is China’s main issue, whereas it is American’s side issues. USA is not going to go to war with China over Taiwan. In the event China does invade Taiwan, USA will only boycott China or supply weapons to the rebels in XinJiang.

    Ask yourself, why USA doesn’t want to attack North Korea? This is because NK has China and Russia as her allies and in the even USA does invade NK, it will be a nuclear war if one side is about to lose. Just like how Pakistan and India stopped going to war after both got Nuclear Weapons. I bet Russia signed some kind of agreement with China and vice versa to support each other in the event of war.

    Also, war is expensive, unnecessary and unpopular.

    President Xi will not be that stupid to invade Taiwan, eventually Taiwan will reunite with China when China becomes an economic juggernaut. China has all the time in the world, just look at their South China Sea strategy, slow and steady, and that will be their strategy. Why pick a fight knowing you will lose? China is not stupid, is they invade Taiwan and USA intervene, China is going to lose in a 1 to 1 war without nuclear weapons. Also the last thing China wants is an international boycott.

    Again, Trump might win if he plays his card well. This covid virus proves that they need to bring back their manufacturing capabilities and it is the democrats that sold USA to China by encouraging outsourcing. He can say he was right after all.