Najib’s humanitarian mission

    Dato Seri Najib has been vindicated in the court of public opinion. This week however he has to face the High Court of Kuala Lumpur.


    This week will mark an important chapter in Dato Seri Najib’s journey as a politician as his court case concerning 1MDB goes to trial. But rather than moan, Dato Seri Najib continues to perform his duty as a “man of the people” and visited an old friend who was suffering from diabetes. The Rembau Times is not afraid to say that we are not so secretly rooting for Najib’s acquital as Najib is a moden day Robin Hood, has been a strong personality in social media and has even sung songs that made fun of PH, complete with backup singers. (Remember the GST song anyone)

    Najib’s remix of a blues 1970s song making fun of Pakatan’s unfulfilled promises should see BN prevail in Semenyih.

    Politically however though Umno benefits tremendously from Najib’s role as King of Troll, the Umno ship is now begining to consolidate around the Acting President and Umno Youth Chief. Together, they are begining to forge stronger ties with Pas and so lock up the Malay vote as early as possible. With Najib grabbing all the headlines, Tok Mat and Asyraf are quite free to perform their work.

    However this cooperation between Umno and PAS will be face some scrutiny. The MACC has identified 9 PAS leaders who will be subject to investigation as they had bought new cars and bungalows during Najib’s time in power. It will not be difficult to trace the transactions and source of wealth – and if it came from  accounts linked to 1MDB then  individually they may fall, but PAS will be strong enough to still maintain their vote share and mind share. Nik Abduh political career could be reduced to dust if he is entangled in this affair, though it is probably not likely.

    Of course, the missing piece in this is the Government : Pakatan Harap(an).  Well, for the first time in 8 months the Government seems to be trying to address the key issues we raised months ago. Mazlan Aliman recently announced a pilot scheme for Felda settlers to switch to cultivation of vegetables and fruits. The Minister of Agro-Industries, Datuk Sallehudin Ayub also came out with a programme to help B-40 segment. And there are bits and pieces here and there.

    Of course all of this increased activity is with a view towards the Semenyih by election, which The Rembau Times has predicted will be won by Umno. These activities are a bit too little too late to affect Semenyih as the issues in that by election is the Number One issue facing Pakatan Harapan : A referendum on Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir and the failure to deliver key promises, esp when it comes to the status of the Prime Minister(in waiting) Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    This wil also be a key test for Tun’s chosen protege, Dato Seri Azmin Ali to see whether or not he can help Bersatu win in a small state constituency in Selangor, something that should be considered a walk in the park as Selangor is firmly under Pakatan rule. But we maintain our call that Semenyih will fall not because of weakness in Selangor, such as water problems (which coincidentally has all but disappeared since the Federal Government fell) but because even Pakatan voters want to send a clear signal to Tun Dr Mahathir:

    *(Please) Resign and make way for Anwar Ibrahim.

    Long live Anwar Ibrahim!

    *Added out of polity

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