[Breaking News] As predicted by the Rembau Times as early as Jan 12, 2019 , UMNO completely routed PH in Cameron Highlands. The result was not even close as the BN candidate is now with a majority of over 4,000 votes.

The Rembau Times had called the Battle of Cameron Highlands to be as historically relevant to the recapture of Putrajaya as the Battle of Midway was for World War 2. Both battles marked turning points in their respective wars, and Rembau Times predicts a domino theory of future string of losses that will force Pakatan Harapan to disband in the near future.

This is an election disaster for PH and shows clearly the level of anger that the electorate, especially the Malays have towards PH. Make no mistake, the scale of the defeat sustained by PH indicates that this is a turning point and Rembau Times predicts that this defeat will be followed by another defeat in the Semenyih by election.

The rakyat’s verdict is clear and unmistakable.

PH is not fit to govern. Ministers like Kulasegaran, who had angered the Malays with his remarks, Ganabatirau who  posted racially insensitive comments in Facebook and Waythamoorty have eliminated all the public support PH Government had after the election.

The DAP leadership should stop kidding themselves with their New Malaysia ideology and the supposed “fantastic” job they are doing with the economy.  Lim Guan Eng is not up to the level required to be the Finance Minister. The ex Minister of Finance 2, Dato Johari Abdul Ghani can run circles around him.

If PH still continues with their amateurish level of Government and unwilling to take stern action against certain PH personalities who mishandled last year’s Seafield temple riot, then the Malay vote will almost surely coalesce around  UMNO – PAS. We estimate that current Malay support for UMNO-PAS to be between 70 – 80%, which will be sufficient for this coalition to win a General Election, together with support from PBB in Sarawak and the B40 segment who have been denied a chance to obtain RM 2,000 BRIM due to the improper economic policies of Pakatanism.

It is up to PH leadership, especially Lim Kit Siang to understand clearly the message that has been sent by the rakyat. As for The Rembau Times, we issued a call on December 24, 2018 that UMNO will be back in power within 24 months.

Based on today’s election defeat, we are cutting it to 16 months. The only thing that we are still undecided is whether the BN Chairman is either Dato Mohamed Hassan or Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak – who will assume the Prime Minister’s position.




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