There is no new Malaysia, only New UMNO

    Talk of a New Malaysia is silly talk. All that happened is that the Malays sent UMNO for an overhaul. The car is back and raring to go.


    The Pakatan Government’s fascination with renaming Malaysia as “New Malaysia” is an exercise in self-delusion.  If the sentiment of the rakyat, as will be reflected in the crushing defeats Pakatan is certain to face in the Cameron Highlands and Semenyih by-elections is anything to go by , this concept of a “New Malaysia” controlled by the DAP has been rejected outright by the general population.

    Pakatan Harapan leadership, especially those in the Cabinet should realise by now that a line has been drawn in the sand to mark an end to their hysterics. In a matter of months, Malaysians will no longer be forced to turn off the tv if Minister’s who are disliked emerge on screen. Malays have heard enough of their theatrics and they want UMNO back.

    Whilst anger and angst had been building, especially at the general incompetence of the Ministers, the unnecessary death of Fireman Adib was the straw that broke the camels’ back for most of the voters, especially the Malays. With Malay support for Pakatan Harapan plummeting, it seems impossible for this Government to win their trust back, and thus consign itself to serving at most one term, most likely only part of it.

    However, something new did happen on the night and early morning of May 09, 2018. The last rites were administered to the old UMNO, which had progressively grown very weak and sickly, to put the party out of its misery and rid it of the meddlesome influence of certain parties. However, like any good fantasy novel movie, the old UMNO did not  just rot a way, but has instead performed the ultimate Rocky like fightback to land not one, but two blows on the Pakatan Harapan.

    To understand this better, we have to consider what UMNO and UMNO supporters had to endure over the past 8 months and counting.

    The first thing to hit UMNO was the loss – loss of power, loss of identity and loss of direction.

    The loss was most painfully felt by grassroots UMNO members, especially the Ketua Bahagian and Ketua Cawangan UMNO.  Gone was the prestige, gone was the choice seats, large portions of mutton and credit terms enjoyed at the mamak restaurant, gone was the deferential treatment at the local mosque.  Prior to GE 14, the 191 Ketua Bahagian UMNO were considered the most important persons in their respective district, especially in the rural areas. Government assistance depended greatly on remaining in their good graces. (That is why many PAS members did not get government aid as the aid network passed thru UMNO Division Chief’s hands and that is why Bachok MP, Nik Abduh said that PAS members have to first forgive UMNO.)

    However after GE 14, they found themselves looking at the post they had fought so hard to retain – “UMNO Division Chief” and saw that it meant nothing.  They became vulnerable and many sunk into the deep depression.


    The second was thing was betrayal.

    A betrayal of Umno by UMNO Sabah and they seemed quite happy about it.

    Let me state this very clearly, The Rembau Times has never betrayed UMNO’s trust in our many years of participating in social media, perhaps because we were never accepted as a recognised social media channel for the party.

    But there were people who were accorded such privilege, and bestowed with great wealth, but they stabbed UMNO in the back when the party was down. UMNO was not only betrayed by some of its bloggers, it was betrayed by elected representatives who had survived the GE 14 Tsunami only because the Malays had taught their children to always vote the “Dacing”. Without this, they would have been swept off into the South China Sea, for their own “star power” would have counted for nothing.

    But how did they repay UMNO for this? Did they stick to the party when it was down? Did they display stoicism, like Baling MP, Datuk Abdul Azzeez did when he bravely faced the media without needing to feel the least  embarrassed by the orang T-shirt which read “LOKAP SPRM”.

    Malu apa Bossku?

    No, no, no, no. These people quit UMNO – they stabbed UMNO in the back.  Whilst some of them did the right thing by at least shedding some tears, others were not even in the least remorseful and were proud to display their treachery.

    At times, UMNO MPs may feel lonely and in a strange land to be surrounded by so many unfamiliar faces. The Twilight Zone should end in abt 12 months time as the Malays get increasingly upset at the current Government.

    The Wikipedia entry dated 23 Jan 2019 reads Ahli Dewan Rakyat  UMNO – 37 / 222.  In 2004, UMNO had more than 3 times as many MPs when Parliament convened. This means that in 14 years, 2 out of every 3 UMNO MPs who had been part of the BN super majority won by Pak Lah did not survive.

    Pasir Salak MP Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman delivered a fiery speech at a ceramah yesterday. Readers should admire the kopiah, songkok, baju Melayu and jubah worn by UMNO & PAS politicians. Can PH even begin to match this? That is why wont be able to survive. Pix courtesy UMNO Online.

    37 MPs. If you take the number at face value, it means that UMNO has now been relegated to a status lower than DAP or even PKR.  But UMNO is not DAP. UMNO is not PKR. UMNO has a branch network of over 20,00 cawangan that permeates every nook, cranny, highway and kampong road in Malaysia, a network which stretch from the Sulu Sea to the Gulf of Thailand, from the metropolis of KLCC to the  rainshadows of the Tittiwangsa range, from the towns along the North South Highway on the West Coast to the rural roads in Bukit Besi, Terengganu – incidentally roads which UMNO helped build, UMNO cannot be relegated to a status of those 2 parties of uncertain pedigree.  And it has a better looking logo as well!

    UMNO’s new team is considered one of the best teams in recent history.

    All that happened to UMNO was that it underwent a market correction. Like the time when US Stock Markets collapsed in April 2009, when blue chip companies were trading for pennies, UMNO underwent a financial crisis. Not an identity crisis, but a stock market collapse.  All great organisations undergo this sort of crisis at one stage or another – it is a chance for the system to cleanse itself so that the party can go on to rule for another 60 years.

    Initially, the public, especially the Malays thought they could wait 5 years for UMNO to heal itself completely before they return power back to UMNO. However, the behaviour of the Pakatan Government has so alarmed them that they are now eagerly waiting  to cut short UMNO’s hiatus as Opposition and return UMNO back to power in the Federal Capital of Putrajaya.

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