Cameron will not fall. It must not fall.

    UMNO is faced with its toughest test as it seeks to defend Cameron Highlands from being overrun by the enemy.


    In the history of the modern world, the battle of Stalingrad was one of the most iconic battles which took place in the Eastern front in World War 2. This pitted the forces of the Soviet Union against the advancing Army Group B of the Nazi Reich. If Stalingrad fell, then Germany could have even won World War 2 and the history of the world would have changed for ever.

    So likewise, UMNO /BN is forced to make its last stand to defend one of the picturesque constituencies in Malaysia, the cool, breezy and tranquil district of Cameron Highlands from falling into the hands of the advancing forces of Pakatan Harapan.

    Tranquil Cameron Highlands may see the bloodiest political campaign in history as UMNO prepares to defend Pahang from falling to Pakatanese rule.

    Like a certain dictator before him, the DAP Generalissimo has cast his eye on a bigger prize, capturing all of Pahang having become overconfident that the brave UMNO soldiers besieged in Cameron Highlands will surrender. But his confidence is not without merit.  If Pahang did fall, this would mean that UMNO/BN would completely isolated in Perlis with the rest of the Malay Peninsula under the Imperial Pakatanese rule. If such a thing were to happen, the UMNO High Command will have no other choice but to sign the instruments of surrender .

    Lose Cameron and UMNO could be forced to surrender.

    But under General Mohd Hassan, BN/UMNO is now beginning to show a degree of strategy and guile which was never evident during the disastrous reign of his predecessor, the Grand Mahajib.  Rather than contest using an “Indian vs Indian” argument, BN/UMNO has agreed to deploy an Orang Asli candidate, which could completely overturn the demographic wars.

    Policeman Ramli is UMNO’s best man in blue to face the enemy forces. He can hopefully restore law and order in Parliament.

    The choice of Ramli Mohd Nor, an ex-high ranking police officer was considered a tactical master stroke. Not only is he from the Orang Asli community, but he looks tough and is one of the first cops to make the transition from Police man to politician. In this regard, he is far better than a certain “Twit Twit”.

    This led to the Pakatense commanding officer claiming that BN played “unfair”, by crying that the Malays will not even buy a cake made by the Orang Asli, let alone vote them.  That sounds like fear, after all, if the Manogaran loses this time round, he will be consigned to the wastelands of political history.


    So can BN win?

    The Rembau Times says that “Cameron Highlands will not fall. It must not fall.”


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