The country is right now extremely angered after fireman Mohd Adib succumbed to his injuries which was inflicted by an unruly mob during the Seafield temple riots.

However, to date, two Federal Ministers namely Waythamoorthy and Kulasegaran have not been asked to resign.

Resign lah! Please do not disgrace Sitiawanites!
Resign lah! Enough of the drama!

These two Ministers inflamed the situation when they came on TV lambasting the Police for their initial statement saying that the incident was a misunderstanding. The Malay Mail has provided an unbiased commentary which uncovers some of the hidden facts that the Seafield Temple Committee has not revealed.(

As members of Government, they should have used the appropriate back channels to air their grievance. They also should have used more diplomatic language rather than appear emotional. Their initial focus must be to appeal for carm until all the details of the investigation has come out. They however did not together. Ganabatirau, the Selangor EXCO member top had posted an inflammatory message on Facebook, but he too has not been asked to resign.

Selangor EXCO Ganabitarau created inflammatory posts in responding to the initial attack on Seafield temple. He has not resigned or been sacked.

Now a civil servant, and  a son is dead but these people go about their daily lives!

Temple Committee spokesperson S Ramaji has not yet given an explaination on the RM 1.5 million given to them by the developer. There was an order to move but he decided not to do so which was the cause belli that led to this situation.

On the Seafield temple, it was not known at the time of the riots that a sum of RM 1.5 million had been deposited by the developer in lieu of a settlement arrangement in 2014. The Seafield temple also defied the laws of the country when they did not vacate the premise they were occupying illegally.

The question is where is the money? How come they can defy a court order?

S Ramaji, the spokesman for the temple committee must answer. If the money cannot be accounted for, the relevant body, such as ROS must investigate and charge those responsible!

The last point is very important.

If the Seafield Temple cannot account for the money and starts blaming one another, it presents a different perspective. Most crime arise in Malaysia due to either money, sex or power. It is rarely if ever about race, temples or religion, only when perpetrators get involved.

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