UMNO zootopia

UMNO is in such a bad shape right now that it is a genuine question mark whether or not the party will survive another year. As it stands the party is torn between several factions. But many people are confused and do not know how to read the political theatre. In this guide the Rembau Times unpacks the current factions in UMNO so that readers will know which team to support and which team to jeer.



With UMNO out of power, a lot of ex-leaders have become vulnerable or mentally unstable.

A betrayal of Umno by Sabah MPs and they seemed quite happy about it. They enjoyed a lot of perks under UMNO.

For example, some of them who used to be clean shaven and tough, now look old and haggard. Others don’t even bother to dress up. Others even are trying all sorts of combinations to survive. Lets guide you through this zoo.

How Musa Aman used to look as Sabah Chief Minister.
Musa Aman now looks like an old old man facing a court trial.

Updated: 6 Eastern bloc of MPs have left UMNO. UMNO has 38 MPs. 

The first is the Presidential faction, led by Doctor Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (“Doc Hamidi”). This faction includes Padang Rengas MP, Dato Nazri Aziz, UMNO Secretary General, Tan Sri Annuar Musa and several  Perak based MPs. This faction wants UMNO to re-enter the Government by forming an alliance with PKR and DAP and install Anwar Ibrahim as PM. It is suspected that  MP for Pasir Salak, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman is also a member of this group after his declaration that he is an “ultra Indian” MP to dispel notion that he is racist. This group holds close ties with the Najib faction.

Then there is the faction led by Dato Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn. This group wants to jump into Bersatu, with the motivation that Hisham will become a national leader, and maybe future Prime Minister. This includes some Pahang UMNO MPs, as well and the Sabah faction.

Ultra Malay group headed by Lokman Noor Adam.

Then there is the group which nobody wants to friend and nobody wants to be associated with. This is the Loud Najib faction, including the MyKeMUD media team,  Supreme Council members like Datuk Lokman Noor, Tun Faisal and Puad Zarkashi. MPs aligned to this group would include Baling MP, Datok Azeez. They control UMNO’s online media platforms and are active in social media. These people are mostly mid 40s and have ZERO experience in winning. They were in charge of UMNO’s strategy for GE14.

Khaled is the voice of the Johor old school UMNO faction.

After that there is the traditionalist UMNO faction. This group is feudal, Malay educated and mainly from Johor. They are led by ex-Johor MB Dato Seri Khalid Nordin. Others who would fall into this group would be UMNO Youth Datuk Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki and Wanita UMNO leadership. This group will be loyal to UMNO and are will not make any deals with Pakatan Harapan. This group also is relatively clear on its focus.

The hope of UMNO, President of UMNO (in waiting) and 9th PM of Malaysia.

Lastly, there is the proKhairy faction. This group is also relatively clean, mostly youth based, is strong within Pemuda UMNO and very loyal to KJ. The outlook of this group is more moderate compared to the traditionalist and very modern. This group will also not  make a deal with PH, either Mahathir or Anwar. Rembau Times is supporting this faction in UMNO.


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