To regain power, UMNO needs to become more KJ focussed

UMNO is fast disintegrating and could end up completely destroyed under the weak leadership of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. In order to prevent its collapse, UMNO needs new calibre of leaders to help steer it through rough times. In this article, The Rembau Times gives an idea how UMNO can regain power in about 3 years.


(Breaking news: UMNO is no more in Sabah as the entire state UMNO machinery rebels and leaves the party. Resign Zahid and let KJ be President to save UMNO).

UMNO Sabah, once considered as a fixed deposit crumbled spectacularly today when almost all their reps left the party due to dissatiafaction with the leadership of Zahid Hamidi. Pic credits TMI).

Yet another week, UMNO continues to bleed MPs. On the day of Parliament dissolution on -07 April 2018, BN had 132 seats with UMNO contributing a healthy 88 seats. On the morning of Thursday, May 10th 2018, UMNO had 54 MPs. On the Dec 10th it had only 48 MPs , on the 11th it has 43 MPs, on the 14th Dec 38 MPs and many more may still leave by the end of the year.

UMNO BN may be left without any MPs if the current trend continues.

And like GE, UMNO may bleed further. In fact, UMNO could lose another 10 – 15 MPs in 2019 and so limp into 2020 with only 25 to 30 MPs. To be honest, the outlook for UMNO is extremely bleak.  Like the days after the fall of the Roman Empire, UMNO is weakened and without direction. The issue is clear:  UMNO MPs are still digesting the loss of power, suffering from the “bisu” syndrome or perhaps have even decided that the life as an Opposition MP is considered good.

Who are the UMNO MPs who make noise in Parliament? Well, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (Pasir Salak), Najib Tun Razak(Pekan), Bung Mokhtar and Annuar Musa, but he too is mainly vocal outside Parliament. Where is Hishammuddin Tun Hussein Onn who used to be so daring in defending UMNO?  In fact UMNO are now increasingly sounding desperate and is willing to come together with any party. A couple of days ago, Tan Sri Annuar Musa said that UMNO would even consider an alliance with DAP. After that Tajuddin Abdul Rahman declared himself to be an “Ultra Indian” , will UMNO now join Hindraf?

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman may need to take Tamil classes from Aziz Baling as he has declared himself to be an Ultra Indian

However, UMNO should not be too disheartened. The road back to power is not complicated. And though UMNO appears finished, we believe that UMNO can rise again, even as early as in 3 years time.

Remember, The Rembau Times had predicted that Pakatan Harapan would win power as early as 2017, we are now willing to say that UMNO-BN will regain power in the next election. However, it comes with a major precondition.

The hope of UMNO, President of UMNO (in waiting) and 9th PM of Malaysia (waiting in waiting,)

And that is YB Khairy Jamaluddin is elected and installed as President of UMNO and Chairman of BN. 

If YB Khairy is President of UMNO and Chairman of BN, not only will UMNO regain back power at the Federal Government, they will win back all the states they lost. Johor will return to UMNO. Melaka to UMNO. Negeri Sembilan to UMNO. Kedah to UMNO. Perak to UMNO. And most importantly, once again ,Putrajaya will be under UMNO’s control.

However, to accomplish this it is not merely enough to install YB Khairy Jamaluddin as President. UMNO must shed its current warlord, feudal, cuckoo culture and evolved to a KJ focussed party. KJ can be a force like how Donald Trump managed to pull the Republicans to take control of the House and the Senate in the 2016 Presidential Election.

As a KJ focussed party, UMNO can initiate the following much needed reforms

Purge the “anti-Khairy” faction from UMNO once and for all.

The”anti-Khairy” faction arose early in 2006 and have been around for about 12 years. They are mostly made up by those who were very close to ex Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. This includes Isham Jalil , Tun Faisal (Pemikir JASA) and the MyKMU news media group. These are exactly the leaders that led UMNO to destruction and they still have the nerve to try to control the party.

Sack Najib Razak from being a member of UMNO.

Even though UMNO has been defeated and Najib Razak has been arrested and paraded to the news media, the shadow cast by Najib Razak still looms large over UMNO. In fact, Najib is the only UMNO MP who is actively attacking Pakatan Harapan and on a daily basis.So in this regard Najib is an asset ,right? No – you are wrong. Najib is a liability. Not only is he a liability, the people around him are also liabilities. This entire Najib faction, which includes all the Ketua Bahagians which rose to power because of Najib are liabilities. Their advisers are liabilities. They advisers to the advisers are liabilities. This is the group that took over from Pak Lah’s disastrous 2008 GE 12 results and in just 2 election cycles actually made Pak Lah’s look very, very good.The reason they are liabilities?

Ex PMO special officer had recently called on KJ to join PKR. This was symptomatic of the anti KJ sentiment under the previous Rosmahjib administration.

Well, it is because they have horrible strategies and are disruptive. They make UMNO do things that are stupid and in the end made UMNO loses power. They made UMNO look like chameleons, saying one thing and doing another. They made UMNO carry the 1MDB “biawak hidup” scandal. Remember UMNO right now is only the State Government in Pahang and Perlis. Malaysia is currently Tanah Jajahan Pakatan Harapan.

Install Youth leaders as leaders at the Cawangan, Bahagian and State level.

There needs to be a concerted action to remove all these warlords, hanger ons and install party members from the Youth wing – saf Pemuda as leaders at the divisional and state level. That will ensure that KJ not only can control the agenda at the top of the party but as well at the grassroots.

Of course these changes are huge but the alternative is that UMNO would crumble, disintegrate and may even end up being absorbed by Bersatu, PAS, PKR or even Hindraf.

Last year we predicted that Dr Mahathir will once again be PM.





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  1. The more important question is, will Mahathir allow Anwar to be PM number 8? Some say once Mahathir is done absorbing UMNO, he will call for a snap election before May 2020, before that, he will ban UMNO from contesting GE15.

    Then again, the old fox is too hard to read, one thing for sure, he is power hungry and will do anything to gain power.