Justice for Azzezzzz…

Azeez Baling, perhaps the most colourful MP in Malaysia's history was taken into custody by the MACC

Azzezzzz Baling has been arrested by MACC.

UMNO Supreme Council Member Datuk Seri Azeezzz was arrested yesterday and taken into remand by the MACC.

No doubt this would have shocked many people as Azzezzzz was one of the more popular politicians in Mesia. However Azeeezz had also tried too hard to be the enforcer for Najib and Mr. Fix-it man so much so that he earned the ire of the man with 2 L’s, Dato Shukri Mohd Abdull, now Comissioner of the MACC.

Azeez flew too close to the Mah and then came crashing down.

Azeez is also one of the loudest MPs in Parliament. It was quite legendary to see him back-up Najib with by his bawling when he tried to drown out other MPs from questioning the ex-PM. He is also well known for his publicity stunt and his mastery of Tamil.

Shukri Abdull, the man with 2 L’s refused to entertain Azeez Baling’s attempt to firsr kawtim, the intimidate him when he was investigating Najib’s corruption case involving SRC. He is now Commissioner of the MACC.

We hope MACC will take good care of Azezz when he is in remand. Hopefully, he will be out soon and back to his old ways in Parliament.

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