Anwar as PM to save economy


The Rembau Times wishes to issue a public comment on Dato Seri Utama Rais Yatim’s call that Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim assumes the position of Deputy Prime Minister, allowing Tun Dr Mahathir to continue as Prime Minister.

Even though we respect Tun as a great leader, and no doubt providing a massive boost in the run-up to Pakatan Harapan’s historic election, we simply have to disagree.

We need a new Prime Minister, as quickly as Jan 01, 2019. The reason: the Ringgit and the economy.

This cannot wait.

Our currency is in shambles and the Malaysian public, especially those in the lower income segment cannot be burdened with the cost inflation due to a weakening Ringgit. So far, the Government has not made any move to counter this and the Ringgit has continued to trade weaker. Under Dato Seri Anwar, we believe with a crack economic team, he will be able to make the decisions required to stabilise the ringgit and move it on an upward trajectory.

The second reason is the need to restart the Malaysian economy. The Malaysian economy is a complex system. There is the involvement of the Government through the GLCs, the large local corporates, small medium business and the individual consumers. However, there is no dynamism and people look lost.

We need direction!”

What is lacking is direction.

Direction so that the economic engine begins to grow strong again. Like it or not, even in a developed nation like the United States, the direction provided by President Donald Trump allowed the country to continue on an unprecedented recovery from the Global Financial Crisis.  I believe that with DSAI as Prime Minister, we can once again have this direction and confidence, especially for the private sector to step up the investment to create high paying jobs for the youth.

On the Deputy.

There is only one suitable candidate for the Deputy Prime Minister which is Dato Seri Mukhriz Mahathir.  Mukrhiz is young and provides continuity for the country’s leadership after Anwar Ibrahim. Mukhriz has shown himself to be a strong personality, a successful businessman and a capable administrator.  Anwar – Mukhriz combination is The Rembau Times recommendation.

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  1. What about Azmin Ali as the deputy. Lately, there was much talk about AA being groomed for the premiership.
    What does Rembau Times have to say?

  2. We are watching this very closely and will make our view known shortly. The fact is Azmin is currently Economic Affairs Minister yet there is no direction in our economy. The Ringgit is taking a hit. We respect Rafizi but at the same time he is not DPM material. Bottom line is the choice of PM and DPM must benefit the rakyat by having a stronger Ringgit.