Syed Saddiq – You have arrived


So the issue right now is about the fate that befell Minister Syed Saddiq’s ex-Press Secretary Numan Afifi.

Saudara Numan was forced to quit after vocal opposition erupted as critics disapproved of his involvement in LGBT and that he openly declared himself to be gay.

And some people were equally angry with Minister Syed Saddiq for not defending his aid. I think Minister Syed was under strict orders by YAB Tun to keep quiet as the Prime Minister is very aware of the sensitivities of the Malay community and will not want to create a negative perception for the Government and the party.

Well, I agree with Tun and Minister Syed should have exercised better political judgement. His actions caused his friend to endure the rough reaction. The blame lies at the Minister’s feet for this.

Minister Syed Saddiq, you represent the Federal Government of Malaysia and over 10 million youths. A political compass is necessary to navigate the jungle!

Now before my thoughts on Saudara Numan. As a key member of Team Syed he would have been heavily involved in crafting the media strategy that helped propel Syed from debater to giant killer and then to Minister.

So my hope for Saudara Numan is for him to see the light.

And I will be the last person to condemn anybody on their personal decisions, though I will declare that LGBT is bad for humanity. So my view is against the practise and never against the person.

I would classify LGBT together with other things that should be avoided like corruption, racism, arrogance. However, I will clasify  mistreating poor people and stealing from orphans as much worse things. The latter 2 are things that is plain disgusting which was perpetuated by the those who used to wallk in the corridors of power.

I am sorry if I offend anybody but that is the stand of The Rembau Times.

Photo credits to Bernama.

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  1. I think there are challenges and possibly circumstances. like being bipolar is not a choice and it too can have disasterous consequences. However the gist of my message is that there is a set of norms that as a Federal Minister one should reflect.