Najib won 2-1 in the court of public opinion

    Najib gets charged but manages to close the perception gap.


    Okay in case anybody wants to know, I am not celebrating the arrest of DS Najib and the event of him being charged in court. In fact, I was a bit sad when shown a picture of him siting alone in the dock, his head bowed low as the proceedings commenced.

    And as a political analyst, I can safely say that anybody who thinks that this trial is a forgone conclusion may not fuly understand a key fact in Malaysia – politics is volatile.

    UMNO’s new team at the top can swing things around if PH fails to deliver solid economic growth or appears disunited.

    More importantly, Najib did appear very calm and proper when addressing the media in Bahasa Melayu – the national language. The Attorney Generals inability to converse in the national language comes on the heels of the Finance Ministers decision to issue a press statement in Mandarin. These sort of things do add up very quickly.

    Earlier this year Najib was adulated. In fact, UMNO is still a Najib party.

    Well with the upcoming by-election, Najib has a chance to further swing support in the court of public opinion. If Najib can achieve turn Malay sympathy like how Anwar did during the reformasi period, anything can happen. This could also happen if there is serious infighting within Pakatan Harapan.

    But Najib’s performance and that of Lawyer Shafee was masterful. The media ruckus caused by Najib’s supporters was actually positive as they legitimately defended the status of the National language. So eventhough he was charged today, Najib wins 2-1 due to some spectacular own goals by the prosecution and his polished performance at the Press Conference. I really wonder whether AG Tommy knows what he is getting into to be thrust into the limelight of Malaysia’s volatile political landscape.

    Qn: His political advisers should publish the picture of him head bowed in the dock on the UMNO portal  with the appropriate tear jerking caption. Does have the sympathy factor a bit like Tun’s superb video released just before GE 14.

    2. I think DS Khaled Nordin was being very vengeful when he commented that Najib’s appearence in court will help UMNO clean itself. I thought that UMNO was and is Party Dato Seri Najib. Quite wrong to hammer their patriach like that, I think.

    3. Yes of course if BN won, a lot of PH leadership will be prosecuted under #fakenews act. Maybe even the Rembau Times as well. And I am still a big Tun M and DS Wan Azizah fan, but just being open and vocal about how today’s proceedings would have played out among the majority population in the country. But maybe they are not fully tuning in courtesy of Gobind Singh’s smart move of having live telecast of the World Cup, hopefully with Bahasa Melayu half time commentary. I remember the late Hasbullah Awang was excellent at this.

    Najib’s cat Kiki may not understand what troubles his master. Who would have thought a pro PH blogger wld bother to humanise Najib! Reason: So PH realise that if they dont deliver economic uplifment they will be shown the door.

    Disclosure: I am not dedakfied just an analyst who needs to see things very early on.

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