Najib, trade war and Wan Azizah


    Today’s post will touch on 3 separate themes with no connection between them.

    The first has to be the arrest of ex Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Once the most powerful man in Malaysia who grew up in the corridors of power, will today spend the night in the MACC lockup. With his arrest, the graft genie has finally been put back in the bottle. It will be interesting also to see whether Hishammudin and the UMNO leadership actually show up tomorrow. If they do, they gain respect. If they don’t, they will be seen as fair weathered friends.

    Number 2, is about our Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Wan Azizah. What a great performance as Deputy Prime Minister and leader of PKR. I think with her at the top of the country’s leadership many women who were diehard Wanita UMNO voters will support Pakatan Harapan. A real great PM and DPM combination.

    Number 3 – trade wars!! Will he, won’t he. I am not talking about Trump but Xi Jinping. Will he retaliate to the expected Trump tarrifs? Well see on Saturday morning.

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