Hey Stampin MP, you want to be back in Opposition again?


    DAP Stampin MP was rude and unbecoming if he wants to challenge Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohd on his choice for Cabinet Ministers.

    In fact this is strike 2 for the DAP. DAP should not think that this Government will last if they continue to behave as if they are a big taiko in this coalition.

    In fact, Tun has already said that he will be willing to resign if the Pakatan Harapan parties continue to bicker.

    Nga Kor Ming ruled himself out of being a Cabinet Minister after his rude video demeaning Tun Dr Mahathir.This was aired just before the election. He is simply not Cabinet material.

    DAP should realise that if was this sort of behaviour that caused the loss of Perak.  This is the first time in history they actually get to be a part of the Government. They should stop thinking that Cabinet posts are spoils of war.

    If the DAP wants to go past the 100 day mark as the Government they better start acting as coalition partners. Dont be surprised if they keep on antagonizing Tun and he does something that will be regretted by many.

    Already many on Malaysiakini are criticising him. Najib despite his corrupt ways never had to endure this sort of petty behaviour. Dont be surprised if UMNO capitalises on this.


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