MACC – Gua caya sama lu

    MACC leads the way in the 1MDB . No more investigation, now its arrest warrant time.


    During the entire 1MDB debacle, the MACC stood like a knight in shinning armour as they pursued the case doggedly.

    Initially they faced setbacks as the ex-Prime Minister strongarmed the department. Many good officers endured harrassment and some were even arrested by the police.

    But today the MACC rolled back the years and issued the first arrest warrant for the 1MDB conspirators. Surprisingly until now, only those who lodged police reports on 1MDB were arrested.

    Great job MACC. I do hope we also have wholesale changes at the police force because the rank and file have lots of good people but those at the top let the public down by not moving against the 1MDB conspirators earlier. In the end, the brave public had to do the job for them!

    Of course, can’t end this post without mentioning UMNO Acting President Zahid Hamidi’s meeting with the Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir.

    The PM seems to indicate ‘We are not amused!’

    The PM does not look very happy, it is as if this is a meeting he did not really want to have.

    Compare this with the PM’s meeting with the PAS leadership.

    The PM looks more relaxed.

    Anyway, with the first arrests this 1M Dee Bee nonsense will finally get resolved. It has taken down the Federal Government, 7 State Governments, the Attorney General, the Bank Negara Governor, the MACC Comissioner and may even see the eventual implosion of Barisan Nasional.

    Kak Wan as DPM

    Lastly I think Kak Wan has really been fantastic as Deputy Prime Minister. She stood by Anwar for years and the friendship , more like sisterhood, between her and Tun Hasmah was a big factor in making sure the entire PH leadership gelled to take down Barisan Nasional and their juak-juak. Hopefully PKR will rally around her.


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