Tun is Malaysia’s 7th PM

    Live from PJ this is the Rembau Times.



    Members of the new Government

    2242 Tun Dr Mahathir is in the building.

    2236 The new power brokers in the country.


    The new power brokers of the country.


    2233 Situation is getting more excited. Entire Pakatan Harapan leadership expected.

    YB Nik Nazmi spotted.

    2222  “PRU14 cermin kebencian rakyat terhadap Najib” – Sinar Harian. How quickly they change.

    Press Corps cheering as Tun Dr Mahathir takes the oath of office.

    2047 Tun swearing in ceremony will be live on RTM 2.

    Press conference preparations.


    2130 Swearing in of Tun Dr Mahathir confirmed.

    1854 Rosmah and Najib are now history.  Keruak as well. We can breathe easu no more Rosmah.

    1851 There is speculation that the swearing in will take place at 2130 tonight.

    1811 Now awaiting the start of the Press Conference. A lot of press folk are running on reserve tanks. No chance to sleep.

    Updated 1600

    YB Wong Tack of Bentong. Looking fresh and refreshed after a grueilling campaign. He managed to unseat MCA President Liow Tong Lai


    1541 Something big is going down in an undisclosed location in PJ..Rembau Times is here. Police outriders are here as well. These are the escort cars for the Prime Minister.

    Live from PJ this is the Rembau Times.


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