The Only Press Organisation Which Predicted This.

    Pakatan Harapan has won the General Election

    In August 2017, we issued our prediction that Tun Dr Mahathir will once again occupy the seat of power.  We never wavered from the prediction and continued to state that Pakatan Harapan was going to win over here, here, here, here and lastly here.

    Now I can reveal that the data pointing to a Pakatan Harapan victory was never there when we made the call. All the Mainstream Press had the best information possible, but we had only one crucial advantage – we were convicted of what the result will be before any data was there. 

    And today, it has come to pass.

    Bloomberg kept on saying BN was going to win. We challenged them with our piece over here.
    Bernama calls the election for Pakatan Harapan

    In UMNO HQ the scene is very subdued. There are a few cars present, but no activity to suggest a big announcement.

    As of 0100 am early this morning, some people in the Press still thought that BN will somehow win the election in the morning. That is what we heard.

    Once again, it is not down to having better data, or better networks, or smarter than anybody else.

    An empty rostrum is all that is left at Tun Hussein Onn Hall at PWTC.

    As I have been telling people, we saw this as the retribution to an incident in February 2017 which formed the basis of our conviction.

    That is why we never wavered and was never in doubt of the result.

    There was a Judgement passed against Najib and BN.  

    Since we knew that Judgement was already passed against Najib and BN, all we had to was to give probable explanation.  We explained all the reasons why Najib and BN was going to be rejected.  We explained the basis of the Tsunami Rakyat, the silent rebellion, the signs of the demise of BN.

    (Note: We missed the massive victory of PAS in Kelantan and Terengganu.

    PAS would have felt that they achieved their objective and will be happy with the result)

    We unfortunately may not have the opportunity to brief the Cabinet and the incoming Ministers as the protective bubble of the Government begins to form around them.

    In fact, Najib must also know of this reason because he would still be Prime Minister if he did not condone and cover up this case. This case caused the entire Cabinet to be Judged and that is why a lot of Government Ministers were decimated in this election.

    However, once Tun has been sworn in as the 7th Prime Minister,

    we will reveal the source of our conviction.




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