0158 The Rembau Times is closing our transmission for tonight.

    The rakyat gave the kleptocrats a smash in their face.

    0146 The situation in KL is surprisingly peaceful. Except for one idiot who carried a PKR flag and was honking outside UMNO HQ, there was nothing else. People in PJ were very cheerful and reminded that the enemies are not UMNO Members because UMNO members themselves voted for Pakatan Harapan but the kleptocratic leaders. A lot of the kleptocrats faced devastation during this election.

    0143 PH now looks to rule Johore, Negeri, Melaka, Selangor, Penang and Kedah. You can now go drive from Alor Star to Singapore without having to pass through any BN -UMNO Government

    0136 Our big predictions came true. Wilayah we were spot on. Johor was mostly right especially the collapse of Northern Johore.

    0133 UMNO only ruling in Perlis and Pahang. Complete, utter and total devastation for BN/UMNO due to Kleptocratic leaders. A lot of UMNO, MIC and MCA members voted for Pakatan Harapan this time round. 

    We came back from a spy mission to UMNO HQ. Several cars and media out there. A lot of youngsters and few party people. Kayveas was spotted but not any other bigwigs at the restaurant. Could not go past security as I did not have a pass.

    0132 PAS also big winners, captured Kelantan and Trengganu. 

    Updated 2333 : EC is refusing to sign Borang – 14 to certify the seats. Despicable and will be subject to legal action!

    The Rembau Times says that this is a Tsunami rakyat we have explained here, here and here.

    As of 1030 am, 23 BN seats have fallen. 19 to Pakatan Harapan, 4 to the PAS.

    Updated 2219 Current score 49 BN – 49 PH. Hishsmuddin in trouble. Najib has yet to arrive at PWTC HQ.



    Just as predicted, Northern Johore parliamentary seats have fallen to PH.

    2130 BN 46 PH 36 ‘The PAS’ 2. BN has almost maxed out their fixed deposit.

    MCA is being wiped out.

    Updated : Sabri survives in Bera.

    Updated 922 – Rembau Times prediction is about 90 pct accurate.

    MCA and MIC President taken down.

    A lot of massive seats have fallen to PH. BN fixed deposit are falling by the way side.

    The current results are really good for Pakatan. Sarawak fixed deposits have been broken. #TangkapMO1

    Najib is in deep trouble right now.

    Professors praising BN..When PH wins they  will change their tune.

    1930 BN extends the lead to 6-1 as Labuan says “ok to BN.”

    1921 Hold just a second. Make the score 1-5 as Shafie Apdal scores 1 for the Home Team.

    1908 Our first mistake, as BN takes Parit. We said it would be won by PH. (-1). BN is now up 5-0.

    1905 Make it 4-0 as Richard runs Riot in Serian. Early days yet.

    1858 KleptoBN won in P206 Tanjong Manis. Its in Sabah. It has raced to a 3-0 lead, 2 seats in Sabah, 1 in Sarawak

    1852 PH struggling in Port Dickson. We did say don’t upset the grassroots.

    1844 If BN is losing, will the results be delayed? Will RTM suddenly have a black backdrop? Will TV3Suku start to cease coverage? Questions, questions.

    1836 KleptoBN draws first blood by winning P191 Kalabakan in Sabah. They have also won P220 Baram.

    1815 Breaking news. Warisan taking big leads in Sabah, but it is early in the counting process. Batu Sapi looks strong for Warisan. This was won by the Kleptocrats in GE 13, but they also have won P191 Kalabakan in Sabah.

    1804 Watch the Perlis turnout. Was massive at 84%. Could be interesting in the Indera Kayangan state. Rembau Times only newspaper to predict upset victory for PH there.

    1732 A lot of complaints about EC being slow. This needs to be investigated. Anyway voting is over.

    1714 Throughout KL there was a massive turnout. We visited Titiwangsa and Setiawangsa. Both seats look shaky for BN. RT has called both of them for PH.

    1657 Big news was the spam calls BN Ministers received this morning. Petanda yang kurang baik bagi BN. Anyway, anything against BN is good news for the people.

    BN leaders’ handphones have been under technical attack since morning. Calls from overseas keep coming in every few seconds! To prevent us from communicating with our machinery. This is dirty trick!

    1634 Rembau Times reporters just back from visiting the PKR HQ and the PPBM HQ. There were no signs of life. Will go again maybe later if our prediction rate hits high 90s. We visited the UMNO HQ and saw a mean looking black pickup truck with a couple of black cars i.e. political secretary cars. Apart from that was deserted.



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