There is a volcano out there

There is every indication that this time its gonna be different.


Just had a chance to talk to an express bus driver about the election. On the surface he seems as the traditional BN voter in PRU 13. Conservative,  Malay and about early 30s from Kuantan, a man of few words.

At first when we approached him about his voting choice, he replied ‘Don’t know..’

But we presses further and he mentioned that he was pissed off because life has ‘bertamba miskin.’ (became poorer). He intends to make the trip back to Kuantan to vote.

No doubt who his choice is going to be.

I assured him that our country’s economy was actually strong but mismanaged. I told him RM will be stronger under Pakatan Harapan and I think he accepted it.

I too feel that if Pakatan manages the transition well, we can see a massive rally in the Ringgit over the next few months. I can help, if required as I am clued on the Government finances, the economy and most important, the massive illict capital flight that appears on our Balance of Payments.

Readers,  kleptocracy is not the way forward for our country. Thanks to the GST, the rakyat finally get it as it affects their well being. BN has made so many strategic mistakes during this election campaign that this no doubt represents the best chance in decades to fix a broken system.

PH has run a fantastic campaign. There are many reasons for the massive momentum, but one factor is the Queen Sacrifice to retire the Rocket symbol that Lim Kit Siang played at the start of the election. That completely put BN on the back foot and until today they have not recovered. There are so many reasons why that was a great move to play and this move will be analyzed for a long time. It was the crucial move that triggered the Tsunami Rakyat.

Rafizi’s latest Invoke poll shows that PH will win massively in Peninsula Malaysia. There is also the outside factor that Warisan will be competitive in Sabah, DAP and Keadilaan may win some seats in Sarawak as well.

It looks like we can achieve 130 seats, remember encourage, coerce, entice, cry, scream – go all out to ensure that all your people on your WhatsApp group make it to their respective destinations to cast their vote. There is a volcano out there, date of erruption – May 09,  2018 or less than 48 hours from now.

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