Massive turnout at Keramat

Last 48 hours Pakatan Harapan looks really strong. Focus on the positives.


Yesterday night was another roaring success for Pakatan Harapan as tens of thousands braved the rain to listen to PH leaders.

All pictures credit from Celah Gelagar blog.

As it stands now it is very clear that any BN advantage in the Malay vote is perhaps at most 10 to 15 percent.

PH has held on to a solid voting bloc among Chinese voters around 75 percent, probably even in the Indian vote and clawed back support from the Malay vote. We’ll give our final prediction tomorrow.

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  1. Prediction: With the whole system rigged & EC hell bend on getting Najib first past the post, ….. it’ll be a hung parliament.

    Jib will not concede & scraps through with a few newly turned independents.

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