Nga Kor Ming Video is explosive and needs to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY!


Final update: Let’s just focus on winning on Wednesday!

The Pakatan Harapan election campaign was progressing very rapidly until it hit a major roadblock on Sunday. This arose out of a video on Gerak Perak Facebook with DAP Perak supremo, Nga Kor Ming addressing a crowd in Teluk Intan.

Let us be clear, BN is not stupid and tomorrow this will be front page news in Utusan Melayu. As it is, the video has over 200,000 views.  Based on any standard model, this video will peak just before election day with a viewership of at least 600,000. That is 600,000 views against Pakatan Harapan candidates throughout the country.

This called a “Class A” damage because it affects those Malay voters who were going to vote for Pakatan Harapan. As it is, there are some comments of people who were saying they were going to vote for PH but have decided to refrain from doing so.

Sebak sy tngok video ni. Sedih tengok mcm ni je la rupanya darjat Tun di mata deme. teman nak sokong PH sbb Tun. itu je. Tapi klu mcm ni la perangai dap, rasanya cukup2lah … enough is enough..tak guna sokong PH klu niat awai2 dah tak betul. Tak sanggup tngok tun diperkudakan smpai tahap ni. So teman tak sokong PH bkn sbb tak sayang tun..tapi sbb teman sygnkan Tun.
  • Facebook message posted on the video.

Politics is all about perception and the negative perception that was created will damage Pakatan Harapan very badly.

DAP has no choice but to call a crisis meeting. They need to get ahead of the issue within today before it peaks on election day, which it will.

  • Nga Kor Ming to publicly apologize to Tun Mahathir and the Pakatan Harapan machinery for not being careful with what he said. He needs to clear the air before Utusan Melayu hammers this issue.
  • DAP to publicly repudiate him and stand behind Tun Dr Mahathir. This is a must to ensure that the sting is removed. 

Over to you Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng . It is better to lose Teluk Intan than lose the entire election. And given the negative publicity so close to the election, the damage is incalculable.  It could swing the election and undo all the good work done so far.

This is a big crisis and don’t delay. Time is of the essence.

Further Analysis

This video is terrible because Nga Kor Ming created three terrible mistakes. Mistakes that rule him out of being a Member of Parliament representing the incoming Government. ( DAP has so many better candidates like Tony Pua, Liew Chin Tong,  Gobind Singh, Anthony Loke to name a few to stand as Ministers. These guys are young and smart, know how to represent a Malay based society which is Malaysia.)

    • Used  马 (horse) to describe Tun Mahathir. To the Malays it immediately invokes the connotation “diperkudakan” which means to be used by the DAP.
    • Insinuated Tun Mahathir’s advanced age
    • Did not show enough respect to the Pakatan Harapan chairman.

There is no backtracking from this, no way of saying “I was misquoted.” This is equivalent to statements made by previous Government leaders that swung the Non-Malay vote towards Pakatan Harapan.

To be honest, the DAP has done a very good job in slowing down BN-UMNO’s attack on the party. They were gaining crucial ground in Johor with even Tun Daim lending a hand to support Liew Chin Tong.

Liew Chin Tong is doing a fantastic job in Johor. Here he was campaigning alongside Tun Daim in Ayer Hitam.

At this stage, the expectation is that PH will win the election. Thus, PH cannot afford to have one or two bad apples spoil the entire election momentum.  There was already indication that PH was gaining ground in the postal votes, small but still sufficient.

updated 07th May

As predicted all the mainstream newspapers are going to town with this. Really bad thing, DAP should have followed my advice and publicly reprimanded him yesterday. He and Superman Hew are terrible liabilities to Pakatan Harapan. The apology by Nga Kor Ming will have a small impact. DAP must chastise him to have any hope to kill the issue because in the voters mind he is considered to be their choice for Ministerial candidate. To be honest, its better that Dato Mah win in Teluk Intan. We can still form a majority without him.

Note to Tony: Better for ppl to reveal their hand early rather than latter. If BN is campaigning on Amran, they are doomed.


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  1. I never like this nga fellow.the backlash is going to be severe.I guess the only person who can mitigate the damage is Tun M himself.

  2. Comment:
    Egoistic bugger. How to become minister for all races if that was his approach. Kena stroke or any bad sickness baru tahu tanah tinggi rendah!!

  3. DAP tries to portray professionalism image of the party but the sad truth LGE is also one of a kind similar to Nga Kor Ming. Remember how LGE lambasted on Donald Trump? He was calling Trump as an idiot. It is clear that leader who has potential wont be name calling other ppl. Simply put, Nga and LGE is not the quality you want to represent us. I always voted for PH just because Jib Kor is worse than this 2 retards, its not because I see them as a leader, I have no better option