Melaka CM can sing very well so we support him

Effective administrator and an entertainer. Datuk Idris Harun gets our dreaded vote of confidence

Datuk Idris Haron sang very well. We support him.

As an independent website, we can choose to support candidates regardless of party affiliation.  For example, it is obvious that we support Pakatan Harapan for the Federal Government, but we are at liberty to make our own choices as to the State Government.

So over a weekend when we were no doubt extremely disappointed with the manner in which the MB of Negeri Sembilan secured his victory for the DUN Rantau seat, we are equally elated at the campaigning style of Melaka CM, Datuk Seri Utama Idris Haron.

To be honest, we are very neutral on Melaka state seats because no one can deny the ability of Datuk Idris in managing Melaka. He introduced extremely innovative campaigns such as the “Don’t mess with Melaka” campaign which has resulted in international acclaim.

The Don’t mess with Melaka is the best public campaign message in the last 16 years. Like 1Malaysia nobody is supposed to know what it exactly means. A brainchild of Datuk Idris Haron.

Of course, some people may still be confused whether it is a warning against Opposition parties from campaigning in Melaka or a campaign on civic consciousness to ensure that visitors to Melaka do not litter.

Nonetheless, the ambiguity is still acceptable and perhaps the Melaka CM would achieve both – lack of opposition representation as well as clean streets. Or lack of Opposition candidates who litter?

Nonetheless, all that is pale in comparison to his amazing singing performance recorded by Malaysiakini.  We do not think there is any Menteri Besar / Chief Minister around in Malaysia who could be an effective administrator as well as equally entertaining.

So our call is for all Rembau Times readers in Melaka who are voting in Sungai Udang, Melaka to give wholehearted support to Datuk Idris for the state seat. However, please vote Pakatan Harapan for the Parliament seat.


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  1. Dear Editor,
    Glad RembauTimes is able to give credit where it’s due. Melaka is so underrated and its govt rarely gets the spotlight for its good management. BN has done a decent job in Melaka and hopefully that can continue for the benefit of the people. As for me personally, it’s one of the few local destinations where I enjoy vacationing. Others are Langkawi, Sabah and Penang. 🙂


  2. I beg to differ. Lets uproot the cause of this country host problems completely. Down to the very core of their existence. It is to serve them, so they can reboot their healing process completely in order to save the country and more importantly to save themselves from their own doing.

  3. Agreed, T T man. Dont give BN a single vote. This is war – give them no quarter.

    Idris may be okay as CM but his very position upholds a kleptocrat govt. And unlike Muyhiddin & Shafie who sacrificed their positions and comfortable existence to fight for what is right, this Malaccan chappie like the vast majority of Umno leaders turned a blind eye to their president’s audacious corruption. Thumbs down from me.

    • Judging from the turnouts, Malacca may yet see tsunami this GE14 … nothing is a given particularly when the candidate has questionable integrity in blindly support kleptocracy.