Don’t use personal attack on BN Batu Pahat candidate


My message to Datuk Dr Puad Zarkashi is don’t use personal attack on the BN canditate.

I will be the first to admit that we all have done things which we regret. But the past is the past.

She is now a mother to 4 kids and a wife. To me it is extremely wrong to destroy a family on account of politics.

This may surprise some because as it is obvious The Rembau Times does not support BN for this election. 1MDB is not the crucial factor, there is another reason that makes the whole Cabinet responsible for a case that we will reveal after results are released.

However, political view can never be justified for acting mean towards people and their family.

If DPZ is not happy don’t be a coward and attack a lady and a mother on an issue which is long ago and can affect a family. That is too low and we will never accept this as becoming of a person we had once written positive articles.


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  1. Dear The Editor,
    Puad must search his conscience and realise that this is the chance for him to redeem himself for his past misdeeds being at the service of Jibby. He should cut it out with the dirty and gutter politics that he was so used to doing as JASA DG. He should go against UMNO and Jibby and help to ensure their defeat, but he must also be a fair player and heed your advice not to sabotage his replacement’s campaign by ruining her life.