Will PKR screw up candidate choice for Port Dickson seat (again)?

PKR grassroots complaining bitterly at a potentially unfavourable choice.
Credits: Utusan

Well if there is one thing to avoid is for your own party to call a Press Conference to protest against a choice of candidate.

And so it is with PKR, when grassroots got wind that the Deputy Head of the Port Dickson division, Rosman Junid, was going to be nominated.

More importantly, the group that protested included the Director of the Election Campaign for that area.

Put a candidate who is rejected so violently by his own division is equal to political suicide. And it should be fair to the people of Teluk Kemang if they had suffered under the previous guy who they say did not do his job.  About time they got somebody they are happy with.

I think it makes sense to have more ex-Military people in the party like Trump had his generals in the White House. And Teluk Kemang is quite near some military bases.

Well, over to you – Parti Keadilaan Rakyat.

May the force be with u!

(Btw I agree with Wan Azizah’s statement. PKR ppl have to start acknowledging her as the boss and the nominee for the post Deputy Prime Minister. She has done a terrific job on the campaign trail. And no , i aint no PKR dude)


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