Rembau Times Predicts – Holidays for all

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On April 10th, The Rembau Times predicted that the Pakatan Harapan leadership will act on the call made by Amanah strategy director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad to preemptively declare Thursday 9th May and Friday 10th of May as Public Holidays.

This prediction has now come true and The Rembau Times issues another prediction with high confidence that Prime Minister Najib Razak will also follow suit in the not to distant future to declare Thursday and Friday as Public Holidays if BN stays in power.


  1. In one fell swoop, Pakatan Harapan made a bold appeal to the last bastion of BN support – the Civil Service to vote Pakatan Harapan by promising them what every civil servant loves to hear – paid vacation.
  2. This appeals to about 1.7 million civil servants, including those in State and Federal Government.
  3. As Najib’s analysts pour over this, they have three options a) Attack Pakatan Harapan for being ‘irresponsible’ or b) Match the offer  or c) think first while making up their decision between a) and b)
  4. There is of course a penalty for waiting because the longer the civil service digests it,  entire idea of voting Pakatan Harapan becomes more appealing to the civil service. This will negate any effect of a late offer towards election day as it may be seen as an act of desparation.
  5. Thus thinking forwards, the PM should announce this perhaps over the weekend or early next week at the latest.


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  1. err…
    was there ever a time when a BN candidate went for both parlimentary and state seat in a GE?? this anamoly is not related to a single candidate but two !!! but wait, here the “tak boleh belah” moment… both of the canidate is currently the care taker MB for two state [which BN is about to release].

    is it a case of panic mode scenario? or is it really a reflection of current state within BN e.g. lack of leadership material @ lack of balls? or has “stupidity” has become the standard MO ethos?

    after the cycle of corrutiom has completed its course it will then evolve into a cycle of stupidity… As Ronald Reagan would say “i may be dumb but atleast I’m Not Stupid” –> unfortunately this is not applicable to BN. Proceed with the 2 day holiday!!!


    • I dont see the BN for parliament and state as panic mode but more abt how the election campaign is conducted. Its now decentralised and the MBs are running the show. I think they are pissed at HQ for mismanaging the party to the point it is potentially deregisterable.

  2. PH has the Volume but BN has a more powerful weapon – Undi Pos. When rakyat has enough of this bull shit and nonsence. I am not surprised eventhough BN might declare themselves as Victors, Rakyat will rise up as they did in the Philipinnes during the last days of Marcos. Enough is enough.