A short message for Bro Rafizi


    Among all the Pakatan Harapan leaders, the one guy we respect the most is Rafizi Ramli. The other 2 guys high on our list are Syed Saddiq and Mazlan Aliman.

    Rafizi sacrificed for exposing the NFC Scandal but is out there fighting day and night to encourage the Pakatan Harapan troops.

    In fact, we do look forward to listening to his latest number crunching ceramahs held throughout the country. No doubt his mini-ceramahs are encouraging.

    Rafizi was talking about how he got lost in Hutan Melintang but a crowd of 1,000 still waited for him in Bagan Datok. This is the DPM’s constituency.

    However, there is a design in our vocal cords that sends signals when things are getting very stressed. So our hope is that he will pencil in a couple of days of rest as the election is still 17 days away.  One way is to reduce the length of the speech so as to preserve the vocal cord. Or an alternative is to use a headset with a stronger amplifier so that there is less stress on the vocal cord. Hopefully a good ENT doctor will have a chance to advise as they have the best expertise.

    Good luck bro!

    Quote of the day:

    “Rakyat bukan suruh kita masuk (pilihanraya) untuk menang. Rakyat nak tengok siapa yang berjuang untuk dia”  – Rafizi Ramli

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