The unsung heroes behind Pakatan Harapan’s massive momentum

Pakatan Harapan's support team is doing a fantastic job. The MC at today's mega ceramah at Pagoh did a great job in pumping up the audience to make the change.

Today Pakatan Harapan launched a two prong assault, one in Perak and a “mega ceramah” at Pagoh. In Johor, the audience was truly outstanding in the place supposed to be “tiang seri” and comprised of all races, with a quite a substantial Malay participation.

If there is one thing that is different with Pakatan Harapan’s campaign versus that of the Barisan Nasional is that Pakatan Harapan’s campaign is actually entertaining and draws both a large on the ground and online audience.

Another smashing multiracial crowd at Pakatan Harapan’s mega ceramah in Pagoh. This has never happened in Johor before. Rembau Times predicts a lot of UMNO members themselves will be voting Opposition out of protest with the UMNO central leadership.

When people are stressed, having an outlet where people can listen to their leaders as well as being entertained is a very compelling reason for people to attend the function. In fact, while BN is still on the same boring approach, Pakatan Harapan has pioneered a new form of politcal marketing which is fast becoming viral throughout the country.

This is the work of a lot of people behind the scenes, the MC, the sound engineer, the Facebook team , the lighting people, the entertainers and the entire logistics team.

It takes a lot of effort and coordination to put up a large outdoor screen complete, with video montages,  sound system and live streaming.

So today The Rembau Times wants to recognise their immense contribution.

It is by no stroke of good fortune that the actions of these few people can defeat BN’s entire mass media machinery with their billions of ringgit worth of assets and their entire reach throughout the country. While BN has control over the mainstream media, its control is actually self-defeating because the mainstream media gives the same ‘fake news’, presented in the same nauseous manner which turns people off.

While others may say that BN has a good chance of retaining Johor, the Rembau Times is taking a very different approach. BN is fast losing their hold and control over the Malay voters and this will continue right up to this historic making election day, thanks to the contribution of these young Malaysians.

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