Go, go Tan Sri Muhiyiddin! (and of course, a bit about BN)

Go go TSMY!

If you follow the English Premier League, the player most likely to win the coveted Players Player of the Year Award would be Mo Salah from Liverpool.  He has been sensational this season and is perhaps a big reason why Liverpool, despite its indifferent League Form is only 3 matches away from winning the European Champions League.

Similarly, for this election campaign, the country finally got to see a part of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that was hidden when he was in the gilded cage as Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy President of UMNO.

And that is TSMY – The Fighter.

We have been following him very closely and seen him on the stump as he hammers the Government of Prime Minister (temporary) Najib on the many issues that have cropped up in the country.  In fact ever since he has moved benches, his public profile has risen tremendously and so is the public respect and admiration. His showdown with the MP of Pasir Salak in the Parliament was classic TSMY in his element, speaking very eloquently and riling up the Government bench on account of the 1MDB scandal.

And we believe he is definitely destined to return back to the high office he left on account of principle.

TSMY in his element.

Rafizi’s latest Invoke poll

When the ‘numbers’ guy like Rafizi turns optimistic, you stand up and pay attention.

Rafizi mentioned something really important in a fund raising event he graced yesterday. He said that support for BN among the Malays in the East Coast has eroded dramatically. As of 6 months ago BN support was about 45% among the Malays in Kelantan and Trengganu and Pakatan Harapan was in the low 20s. However, the latest level of support for UMNO in the Malays puts Terengganu  around 37.5%. In Kelantan, support for UMNO has dropped to the mid 20s. In Johor, UMNO support among the Malays is just slightly below 40%.

Prima facie, this means  big disaster for UMNO/BN.

Big as in losing all states in Peninsular Malaysia, big.

In the last General Election in 2013, there was at no point where we saw UMNO’s grip on the Malay vote being challenged in any way.  And to be honest, there was no evidence of that happening either.

Today, the evidence is actually too overwhelming to refute that there are big changes taking place in the Malay community.

As the polling day comes up, support for UMNO is expected to be lower as the Malays begin to contemplate the actions of the ROS DG and the Election Commission, as well as BN’s inability to solve their problems. BN may also be hamstrung by their many internal conflicts as the BN party is devoid of any struggle except to support the Prime Minister (temporary).

The current scenario is positive, lets hope it continues until the big day – which is nomination day April 28th, 2018. Keep up the momentum!

Note: BN Ministers have been very silent recently. That is a very likely sign of fear, as was explained to me some time ago by a BN Operative.

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