DAP’s Queen Sacrifice


The Rembau Times has at times disagreed with the DAP and its leadership. However, the decision to forgo ‘the Rocket’ in favour of a common party symbol for the 14th General Election can only be described as a ‘stroke of tactical genius.’

The Rembau Times likens this as ‘a George Soros style bet’, in allusion to the £ 1 billion short pound bet placed by George Soros in 1992.  These are the kind of moves, which if it gets right gets written into history. Already Government Ministers like Keruak have sounded the alarm and accused the Oppositon of ‘playing unfair’ because they exercised far more intelligence than UMNO/BN expected of them.

The DAP is not settling for just winning the Chinese vote, it is going for broke, going for ‘the Title.’

The reason is that the last 8 years, rightfully or wrongfully, UMNO/BN’s entire messaging to the Malays is that the ‘Rocket’ is a symbol that is to be feared and hated.  Rightfully or wrongfully, the Rocket is not well received in key rural Malay hinterlands but at the same time is adored by many in the key urban/town areas.

The decision by Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang is a very brave one. No doubt, some party members would remind the leadership of the failed pacts previously when DAP lost key seats because they were seen to be subservient to other interest.  Thus this decision must have been a very tough one.

But the DAP has got the sums right. Without the Rocket in the background of Malay public consciousness, BN is suddenly thrown into a state of confusion.  Attacking the Oppositon as being subservient to the DAP when the Malay electorate cannot even spot the Rocket in the election paraphernalia ? This act is called ‘chasing after shadows.’

At the same time, it once and for all silences the perception that the Opposition alliance led by Tun Dr Mahathir will be dominated by Non-Malays. The DAP has proven to the Malay electorate that it is willing to forgo its symbol and be subject to Malay leadership.  This is extremely important for the Pakatan Harapan allies, especially Pribumi Bersatu who is eyeing the ‘big prize’ of taking on UMNO/BN in the deep rural Malay dominated regions in Malaysia.

The DAP no doubt will have to appease their supporters and the base over this move. But their base has voted for PKR symbol before, has voted for the Moon before, and with some cajoling and consolation, will no doubt vote for whatever symbol to be unveiled tonight.  And who knows, this act may make it possible for DAP to win over more Malay votes in the areas that they contest as well.

This is an act of self-sacrifice by the DAP. The DAP sacrificed their ‘queen’ to win the game.

What a move, what a move!

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