The first of 44 Seats to VJ day

44 seats to VJ Day

In approximately 7 weeks time, the destiny of the country will be decided through the ballot box in the 14th Malaysian General Election. The stakes could not be higher on this momentous event. If Barisan Nasional wins, Malaysia may never recover and may be lost forever, destined to Kleptocracy, supporting Jho Low and decades of misrule.  If the Pribumi led Pakatan Harapan alliance wins, the people will be free from the worst corrupt acts in living memory and the 1MDB conspirators will finally be brought to justice. It may even be that Equanimity will be turned to a national monument for generations to come to remember how this Government Ministers like Nazri and Keruak defended Jho Low even when it was obvious billions of Ringgit of public funds were stolen by him so that he could get more girlfriends.

However, 44 Parliament Seats in Peninsular Malaysia stand between victory and defeat, life and death. Of these 44 seats, 39 seats were won by BN that form the bulk of the BN majority in Parliament. To liberate Malaysia, the Pakatan Harapan allies must win 35 of them, or 30 more than they managed to win in the last election. To do this they will need to reach out to 2,468,697 voters and convince them to vote for a better future and to save the country a bleak future under ‘Kleptocracy’ and ‘Cash is King’.

We start today with the first of these seats, the aptly named P001 – Padang Besar.

Conventional wisdom was that it is inconceivable for Barisan Nasional to lose Padang Besar, the northern most Parliament seat in Peninsular Malaysia. This seat has 42,293 voters and consists of 5 state seats – Titi Tinggi, Beseri, Chuping, Mata Ayer and Santan. There are altogether 27 voting districts centres in this constituency, with the key PDMs are Tok Kaya Man (3,209),  Tunjong (2,955), Panggas (2,747) ,Titi Tinggi (2,196), Beseri (2,166),  Padang Besar (2,045) and FELDA Chuping (1,964).

In 2013, BN won this seat with a majority of 7,426 with a voter turnout of 86%.  BN’s defence of this seat is extremely formidable with plenty of heavy artillery. This seat has never been lost by BN in the history of its 23 years of its existence as a Federal parliamentary seat.

However, this seat is a ‘must win’ seat for Pakatan Harapan allies in their patriotic quest to liberate the country from Kleptocracy. The strategic importance of Padang Besar cannot be understated.  Padang Besar is a bedrock of the BN majority in Parliament.  If the ‘Jho Low regime’ began to  think that they could lose Padang Besar, they will be in a state of panic. To win, Pakatan Harapn must target to convince approximately 20,000 voters to support them. In 2013, Pakatan Rakyat with the PAS managed to convince 14,047 voters.

To take this seat, PH needs about 200 full time brave election workers to canvass the area. The strategy to conquer Padang Besar requires a full on assault on the key UMNO voting areas, one on talks with the village elders, convincing the youths to vote for a Government that will care for them, making inroads into PAS villages and solid knowledge of the terrain. Pribumi and Pakatan Harapan have actually done a tremendous job in bringing the heavy artillery to soften the ground. On March 28, Pakatan Harapan leadership launched a surprise night raid with pictures that reverberated throughout the country.

Estimates are more than 10,000 turned up to support Pakatan Harapan’s rally in tiny Perlis. The Malay tsunami is real and coming from the North.

Under the dark of night, and even with threats and extreme pressure, thousands of Padang Besar voters turned out and stayed late into the night to listen to the Pakatan Harapan leadership outline their vision of how they will rebuild the country.

Pakatan campaign machinery has amazing creative talent. A very well thoughtout poster that must have viraled and triggered succesful event.

This was met with sheer disbelief in Putrajaya.  ‘Jelajah Harapan Perlis 2018’ is a low key event. It is designed to build momentum leading up to the election. It was never designed to be a show of force but what a show of force it turned out to be.

These pictures were even before the campaign started. Padang Besar is ‘in play’ and ‘the Jho Low regime’ recognize they have a fight on their hand.

In an admission of how badly BN was shaken, not long after this, the Election Commission issued the most ridiculous of proclamations – ‘No images of Dr Mahathir on Electoral posters.’ If this is the standard of strategic response by the ‘Jho Low Regime’ to the biggest threat facing their existence, the brave Allies have a lot to be thankful for.  It is an admission of defeat by the enemy, most likely to be overturned either through a court order or circumvented through other marketing and messaging means. It gives more confidence to Pakatan Harapan and its leadership to press on to target other areas. If Pakatan Harapan does take power, they should probably spare the election strategists of the Jho Low Regime because they really ‘suck’ at their job.

Pakatan Harapan has made inroads into Padang Besar, unparalleled in the history of Malaysia. But everybody needs to continue to work hard and take nothing for granted until we can celebrate ‘V-J’ Day or ‘Victory over  Jho Low Day’.

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