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Happy Nokia 3310 day


The Rembau Times wishes all its readers Happy Nokia 3310 day, which fell on 01 st September.

Super Typhoon Maysak Correction


Super Typhoon Maysak, which we first reported on Sunday Aug 30th, is moving away from China and headed towards Korea as reported by other outlets.

Trump needs to win over The Deep State of Texas

Beto O'Rouke showed in 2018 that Texas is in play.

Elections are less to do with statistical voodoo but practical common sense. In Texas, practical common sense dictates that the state could flip to the Democrats due to several factors described in this post, unless the President makes it a top priority to win over the state as well as the party machinery.

If the President Trump loses Texas, it is all over. Literally.

Another super typhoon has formed near China


There is another storm alert and this involves Typhoon Maysak.

C-Span viewership data reveals that Trump will win by a landslide


As the Presidential Election is about 2 months away, most opinion polls currently put Joe Biden ahead. Even the famed election pollster, Alan Lichtman, author of the 13 Keys Model to the White House has predicted a Biden victory.

Only The Rembau Times stood alone in boldly declaring that the President will retain the White House in our historical analysis piece over here.

We now have the data to back this up. This election is not even going to be close – Trump is going to crush Beijing Biden.

[Berita Baik] ECRL Main Contractor slammed by US Sanctions


Breaking news…

China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), the prime contractor involved in the Malaysia ECRL project was today slammed with US sanctions by being named on the Entity List. The entity list prohibits US companies from carrying out any trade with entities.

More to follow.


Did Typhoon Bavi change course?


Something very strange happened this week.

Ant Financial IPO – Initial View


The Ant Financial IPO is ready for viewing over here.

The skinny: Net Income of RMB 21.9 billion or USD 3.2 billion for the first 6 months of the year off total revenues of RMB 72.8 billion (USD 10.5 billion). Total assets of RMB 120.1 billion, for a Return on Asset of 36.4%. Their total reserves are about RMB 70 billion, which answers conclusively the question of their capitalization.

Apa itu ‘Data Analytics’ (What is data analytics)


With so much being talked about the ‘data economy’ , let us share a bit on our perspective of this beast called data analytics.

Trump’s election battle of Iwo Jima


In case you did not get the memo, it seems that the media and the Antifa anarchists doing their bidding, both entities are trying to craft the following narrative