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There are a couple of holidays coming up which will affect the availability of The Rembau Times in your region.

Remembering what Al Gore lectured us 25 years ago.


23 years ago, the then Vice President of the United States lectured Malaysia on democracy.

At that time many folk who got interested in the Reformasi movement at that time really did not know a couple of things

  1. Soros is a dangerous human being
  2. The globalists were trying their first major scalp to unseat South East Asian leaders

Point 2 was just a forerunner to their biggest project, which was to overturn the biggest winning majority of any incumbent US President, which they succeeded in Nov 2020.

On point 2, the globalists wanted regime changes all throughout the region.

The Government of Thailand fell.

The Government of Indonesia fell.

The Government of South Korea fell.

Even the Trump led Government of the United States would later fall to the globalists.

But the UMNO led Government of Malaysia 

prevailed against all the odds.

Hidup Malaysia!

But we want to focus on a couple of things more pertinent to Malaysia and draw some contrast to the US political crisis right at the end.

Breaking news.. US Natural Gas Prices top $200/MMBtu in some locations


Breaking news: US Natural Gas prices for prompt delivery went as high as $200 in some locations as the brutal cold snap froze oil wells and knocked out power.

14 states in the United States currently face blackout.

A note to readers, the aging interconnected nature of the US Electricity grid makes it prone to suffer a catastrophic collapse. Unfortunately, this happened at the worst possible time as there was peak demand on the grid due to the cold snap in the country.

Unfortunately, there will be casualties as hypothermia can set in quite quickly.


Scotland The Woke (Versi Bahasa Melayu)


This is in Malay or Bahasa Melayu. If you can’t understand Bahasa Melayu, you may use Google Translate or enroll in an online Malay language class. If you are one of the online Wokist thought-police patrolling the vast badlands of cyberspace to hunt down opponents to Wokism, we will provide the following short summary:

“Woksim has no place in Malaysia.”

Nielsen “Dominion-ized” Superbowl Ratings press release!


The ad-media behemoth, Nielsen, actually “dominion-ized” the Superbowl ratings figure which was released on Tuesday this week.

They presented numbers for TV ratings which included Out-Of-Home viewers, which was not comparable to last year’s presentation. Even with that, the total TV and OOH viewership of 91 million was below last year’s TV only viewership of 100 million.

We are not accusing Nielsen of any crime but are calling out the altered presentation of figures which renders a cursory examination of the table below as moot as the figures in the column “TV VWRS” are not comparable for the year 2020 and 2021!

Advertisers, who pay up to $5 million for a 30 second slot to advertise during the Superbowl, may not be getting a full picture.  (PS: Only a Wokist advertiser would buy Superbowl ad-slots, so it is not true that advertisers would want to know the full picture)

Cabal dare not ask Disney tough questions


Disney announced its 31-Dec results yesterday and its a bit interesting.

Summary news:

  • As of Jan 02, 2021, 94.9 million people were subscribers to the woke company’s Disney Plus offering.
  • This was a growth of 74 million people compared to the same period last year
  • The company’s operating income was down 70% to $1.3 billion, compared to $4 billion last year
  • Diluted EPS excluding items of 32 cents down 80% from last year $1.53 per share
  • Debt was $58.3 billion compared to cash and marketable securities of $17 billion
  • No analyst dare ask any question about Gina Carano’s firing

Liberté, égalité, fraternité


This is a very short post.

We want to applaud the French Government for identifying Wokism as a threat to French society.

We hope Malaysian Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin, will join the global anti-Wokism movement, to save Malaysia.

Perhaps we can have a nice RTM style educational campaign built on the theme: ‘WOKISM’ MUSUH NEGARA , which means ‘Wokism is the enemy of the Country’

To do:

  1. Wish all readers Happy Chinese New Year
  2. Find out the world’s best super-crispy Hainanese Roast Chicken recipe
  3. Ignore football until it is safe to support Manchester United again
  4. Create system to cancel Google

Wokism is the new form of National Socialism


Today we have deleted our Amazon account and we will not do business with entities directly responsible for the Totalitarian Woke State. The Woke State has already announced through the media that those who they disagree with politically are valid targets for drone strikes as they are grouped under that catch-all phrase called “Homeland Security.”

People may think this to be hyperbole, but all tyranny starts as hyperbole.


A bit of background: We were a member of Amazon since 1998.

Back then the joker in charge of it just started an online book company and contributed towards spreading knowledge around the world. Now that same joker is contributing towards spreading hate and disinformation through the ownership of Washington Post. Funny how a $100 billion wealth makes you an evil man!

Wokism is the new form of National Socialism.

80 years ago, Germans had the choice to decide whether they will go along with the rise of the Nazi party or oppose it.

We face the same issue today and we finally say “Enough is Enough!”.

So we add Amazon to our list of Big Tech deplatformed. Last one to go will be Google and Google will go once it has served its purpose.

Secondly, The Rembau Times notes that the following companies have decided to deplatform Mike Lindell’s My Pillow:

Dollar General
Mattress Firm
Bed Bath & Beyond
TSC/The Shopping Channel
Kinney Drugs
Colony Brands

We are forbidden from doing business with any of them unfortunately, to avoid getting Wokism-virus (Wokism-Distancing). We can resume business, if any, once they have got an all clear #NoWoke certification from a certified head examiner.

Nielsen delays Superbowl ratings


[ Breaking News] Superbowl has worst ratings since 2007. 96.4 million viewers, provided the count was not altered by hackers . TV audience for 55th Super Bowl had the smallest network audience since the very different era of 2005. All platform audience worst in the last 13 years. But too many viewers to change anything, should have been below 80 million.

Ad rating agency, Nielsen, is currently unable to provide ratings for the golden egg of the Fake  News media agency – the Superbowl.

This may be the opening shots in the ultimate Gandhi-style peaceful rebellion against the corrupt media establishment – a MAGA style full-on consumer revolt. In fact, we want to stress – we are 100% opposed to any violence because violence solves nothing.

On the other hand, a Gandhi-style peaceful consumer revolt, may be just the vaccine a good Doctor, like Doctor Shiva, would prescribe to address this virus of injustice, corruption and arrogance. It will be really exciting to grab a chair and some popcorn as those responsible for this skullduggery battle it out over who is to blame because the only thing they care about is money and power.

The cheap cheap price of political risk


The Mike Lindell documentary has caused quite a stir in the United States and got us thinking for a bit today.