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A Twitter challenge to Data Analysts claiming no Election Fraud


Some folk argue that there was no Election Fraud in the recently concluded US Presidential Election. The entire purpose of this post is to provide our independent analysis.

Note: This won’t change anything as the $9 billion tax payer funded FBI says ‘NOTHING’

Our view is that: Biden’s dogs will be DOTUS(es).

That is how we reconciled all of this to the eventuality. The only silver lining is that Georgia will go Dem as Trump voters recoil at the lack of ability of the GOP to present a unified front on what has transpired.

But to those who claim, no election fraud, we throw down a challenge.

Up to Man United to save the world after Supreme Court Decision


The United States Supreme Court decided to throw out the Texas law suit, leaving President Trump with the slimmest of options to stay in office.

Breaking News: Texas sues dodgy states



The Great state of TEXAS has sued Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin over election irregularities!

Is it safe to support United?


And so we are here in the second week of December facing this oddity.

Entering liquidation


After considering what we currently know about the matters in the world, The Rembau Times is entering liquidation, similar to the election technology company Scytl Secure Electronic Voting S.A.

If you have not heard of Sctyl, then go to YouTube and listen to what the lame stream media calls Conspiracy Theories.

We may emerge out of administration if Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspurs thrashes the hedge fund called Manchester City later on tonight.


Polls Analyst Silenced by YouTube and Twitter


UPDATED : The Poll Analyst is back online on Twitter. But for how long, we don’t now.


The People’s Pundit, a Twitter account by a bona-fide Election expert has been suspended by Twitter.

Database record deletion is easy to detect


This article is not about politics, so for the purpose of those enforcing Rep. Occasio Cortez’s thought crime policy, our policy is : “Biden is good. We like Biden. Orange man is a bad hombre.

With that out of the way, we want to turn our attention to reports from NTD News which claims that certain records in the city of Detroit are in the process of being deleted.

We don’t know if this is true, but if this is indeed true, all Trump supporters should be jumping for joy.

Tahniah. Tahniah. Tahniah.


8-Nov-2020, Rembau : Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin telah pun mengucapkan tahniah kepada Joe Biden atas pemilihannya sebagai Presiden Amerika Syarikat (AS) yang baharu.

We stand with the President


Approximately 76 years ago, a naval battle took place off the coasts of the island of Samar, Philippines, which had deep impact on us. An American naval commander of Native American origin, commanding the USS Johnston, a small “tincan” destroyer,  took on the entire might of the Japanese Imperial Navy.

The USS Johnston was facing a massive Japanese fleet, which was poised to pound the beaches of the Philippines, where hundreds of thousands of Allied troops were amassed. If Japanese fire power was concentrated there, the Allies would have suffered massive casualties. This was a result of a sophisticated Japanese deception technique that sent the entire Allied fleet on a wild goose chase, leaving the islands undefended.

Eventually the Japanese fleet turned away, largely in part due to the spirited fight put up by the USS Johnston, sparing the Allied troops of a massive loss. However it came with a price.

Lt. Cmdr Ernest E. Evans, the Commander of the USS Johnston died as the ship was sunk having drawn the bulk of the Japanese fire.

2nd wave is here


In the run up to the US elections, most Mainstream media was focusing on the Covid situation in the United States, which they blamed squarely on President Trump.

[Note: Congresswoman AOC promised to go after Trump supporters in this tweet over here so for the record, the official Rembau Times stand is:

  • Biden is good.
  • Biden is the best.
  • My best friend is Biden. 
  • Democrats are good people. Republicans are bad hombres. 

Hope that the incoming Biden administration will apply a National Security Law, similar to Hong Kong so we can all benefit from their progressive values.