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Can Trump win in Oregon?


On the face of it, any electoral pundit would claim this to be complete nonsense. Oregon has been enslaved by the Democratic party since 1988. The last Republican candidate to carry the state was Ronald Reagan against an unknown Walter Mondale. Bush came within 7,000 votes of taking the state in 2000, where the Green candidate Ralph Nader took 70,000 votes.

But if Trump is behind only by about 100,000+ votes in early voting, there is ample evidence that Trump can take Oregon. And right now the situation on early voting as of 24th October 2020 is like this:

Republicans are -170K but most tellingly there is a huge turnout for No Party Affiliation. This segment is heavy pro-Trump. And not all Democrats are voting Biden, read on ahead to find out why.

However, the City of Portland, the most populous city in Oregon has been rocked with riots since May. The state is governed by Governor Kate Brown, a Democrat, who assumed office in 2015.

Can this change the riots change the maths?

Patrick was right


Based on our analysis, Wambo is a verb.

Mental Challenge


Imagine trying to form a sentence out of these words

  • JP Morgan
  • hair dressing
  • capital markets
  • car mechanics
  • on-the-job training
  • deal making

Don’t suffer in silence. Get an SSD upgrade at Nascorp


Well its been a while since we have update this blog, but its because we have been :

There is so much that has gone since our last post. President Trump has come down with the Coronavirus which could affect the US Election, and hence the fate of the world,  there is more evidence that the 3 Gorges Dam is having some sort of malfunction and Carlo Ancelotti is life tough for all other football managers by guiding Everton to the top of the Premier League.

But today’s topic is not going to be about any of those, though we will try to explore them when time permits. Instead is about a new lease of life our Dell machine obtained courtesy of a RAM and SSD upgrade. Read on if your machine is slow.

Man Utd won. Finally. But..


Manchester United won yesterday at Brighton and undeservedly so.

However, Man United fans should not get their hopes up as Brighton hit the woodwork 3x in the match and they only won because of a penalty awarded in the 100th minute. They should have been lucky enough to get a draw but managed to rob Brighton of all 3 points.

PM should have followed our advice


We “cried” as well when news circulated of Tan Sri Muhiyiddin losing the Parliament majority circulated on WhatsApp channels.

Programmers should fear no shame


When I started my career in Kuala Lumpur in the IT business in the early 2000s, a conversation at a nightclub venue would end quite quickly when it came to discussing either the company I was working for, which was virtually unknown or the next best alternative – the industry I was in (“IT industry”).

Why JP Morgan hates negative interest rates


Bank stocks are in a bad neighborhood. Over the last several days, the entire sector was sold off, with HSBC being particularly hard hit, falling almost 10%.

While some argue that it was because of the revelation that certain banks were engaged in highly suspicious transfers, which could run afoul of Anti Money Laundering regulations, there is perhaps a better answer.



Man United was soundly beaten by Crystal Palace at Old Trafford yesterday. This is the second time running that the London misfits have beaten the illustrious, trophy laden, world famous club. The display was so woeful that there it is a case of 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. United fans can write off this season.

Arsenal is TOP of the table. Send help!


A crazy 2020 has only 3.5 months left, and what better way to signify the upheaval that has taken place in our lives by noting the upheaval in the football cosmos: Arsenal is TOP of the table and if they win their remaining 37 matches, they will be crowned Coronavirus EPL champions.